Business Backlash Against The President Snowballs | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Business Backlash Against The President Snowballs | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president won loyalty from corporate leaders willing to look the other way while he ushered in the largest corporate tax cut break in history, according to reporting. But now some of Trump's diehard boosters to sever ties. Stephanie Ruhle discusses. Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Business Backlash Against The President Snowballs | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Peanut Dust Wussolini told you the election was stolen and you still believe his big lie. Wussolini says he gives his salary to charity and you swallow that one hook, line and sinker, too. Don’t be a fool. His own Trump Organization ‘charity’ was ordered to shut down by a judge because of self-dealing. Your hero used it as his personal piggy bank.

    2. Not Karma…. “it is what it is” … the repulsive Cheeto when they asked him about all the people dying from COVID-19

    3. Wow – so many Trumpers holding on to the last tatters of their autocratic wet dreams. They remind me of the Nazis sending their children to fight the Russians as they closed in on Berlin. Still not able to admit that they subjugated themselves to a delusional monster.

    1. @Richard Batchelder Oh no friend.We have a lot more than that.
      We have until Deutsche Bank demands their 330 million, and Ladder Bank wants their 200 mil.
      We have until the SDNY gets done with him.
      We have until every apartment tower tears that name off the building.
      We have until the 100 books being written about this creep are read around the world, exposing this family for what they are.
      We have until each one of the 70 million fools who believed those idiotic lies comes to the realization they were duped and were too stupid to see it.

    2. @Dan Strayer Sadly, yes. I checked out his pit. This is a well and truly advanced case of the dangers of giving the absent of judgement, and the gullible, access to the internet. Some of his playlists are propaganda laden horror shows.
      In a way, I feel sorry for him, but not that sorry.
      Waste of an otherwise potentially decent human being. He’s got some good interests going too but he’ll end up as unfulfilled and bitter as the rest of Trump’s rubes.

    3. @Will Tricks I think of that boundary as an event horizon. If you escape from the outer edge then you are good to go.. But if you are sucked into Trumpworld, there is no escape. You will be punished,shamed and discarded.

    1. @Dillon McCluskey That’s it? Man if I was President I would make $1 Trillion by having the Fed Reserve print it for me and then hide it overseas. 😉

    2. @Dillon McCluskey Like everything else Trump related, I’m quite sure those estimates are GROSSLY exaggerated..

  1. Fantastic. I’m a Brit in the UK under a bloody lock down and I’m rubbing my hands in glee. Great to get some good news for a change…!

    1. This Canadian in self-isolation is happy too, more relieved than happy, unfortunately there is more drama down South to come forth

    2. As an American (a real American, not a treacherous Trumper)I’m happy for his impeachment, embarrassed that it ever got to this point, and worried about what the rest of his crazies will attempt.
      With any luck at all our government will do this one thing correctly, and throw the book at all of them. Maybe that will convince any other morons not to try something stupid. Of course, they wouldn’t still be Trump supporters if they learned from things.

    1. @Bugsy Jo yes so many dumb things happen this year. I will never be able to watch a movie again and say “well that’s just stupid, no one’s that dumb” again in my life.

    2. @JustineLaLoba Those judges, as they threw out case after case after case, would agree: there wasn’t a whole lotta lawyering going on.

  2. Trump would be willing to sell his children’s and grandchildren’s souls if he thought it could benefit him

    1. @Education is key I’m sure it was all Trump. It had nothing to do with policies taking effect from the eight years before, right?

    2. Maybe, but I would bet that him and his family have much more top secret things that they could sell to a certain Russian leader to clear up these silly debts. The Russian hack was probably just testing the info already passed on

    3. _Trump would be willing to sell his children’s souls.._ More Trump fraud! They haven’t got any to sell

    1. Bullies have no friends, the people around them are either scared of them or benefiting from association, once that bully is down, they will kick them because they hate that person, there was never any love or respect, just fear.

    1. Not sure why? These last 4 yrs have been the fantastic for my community. Everyone had jobs, our household incomes were up, my investments were high! Just peace and prosperity and the only folks upset were powerless Dems and China.

    1. Like the mafia saying “No thanks Donnie ya too hot right now. There’s talk around town and ay we got standards.:::the group chuckles:::: Ay and uh, you’ll have that 300 Mil.. right Donnie boy?”

    2. And it only took them a few decades and untold millions in dodgy transactions before DB realised ‘Hey…….this Trump guy is no good.’

    1. @myyou tubeacct ..No problem.. Uncle Joe will save us ALL..!!! I seldom wear a mask.. Just to keep the Karens off my back when I go to the store.. I work construction and NEVER wear one. I’ve had the Coof, no big deal.!!!

    2. @myyou tubeacct ..I only hope Joe works for the American people as hard as Trump did… He was voted into office to be President of America … NOT President of the world.. Keep America first.!!!! and clamp down on these dishonest MEDIA networks and social media platforms.!!! They are destroying our country…

    3. @Richard Batchelder Having made a hobby of studying economics I would disagree that Trump has worked for the American people. He has operated under the economic theory of neoliberal economics which recent studies have not judged to be good. Tends to enrich the already rich – and if I’ve said this to you before I apologize, youtube’s thread management is very poor and I engage in comments with many people during the day. Retired and so have spare time.

      The judgement in two separate reports is that neoliberal economics is a failure and does only one thing very well – enriching the already rich. These studies are from the London School of Economics and the International Money Fund. Mr. Trump’s tax cuts benefited the already rich far more than the average citizen with 80% of the yields going to the rich. And what did they do with most of that money? Just what the two reports I mentioned indicated would happen:first they bought up stocks making for an ever rising stock market with most actual job growth in what I call low wage/no wage jobs. Secondly it created a boom in higher priced housing and yacht production and expensive car purchases. Almost no manufacturing jobs returned to the US. The US has what is essentially a hollowed out economy with great times for the rich and near misery for the general working class. 60% of US wealth is inherited, meaning they did not work for it and that is exactly the case with Mr. Trump. If he had taken the money he inherited and just put it in the stock market he would be better off than he is today. He has a very poor business success rate with at least 6 bankruptcies, but a great record as a self promoting individual.

      In the history of the US since at least the 1980s until now not one tax cut has paid for itself, actually Reagan’s tax cuts tripled the national debt. The only time we got to a surplus in recent history was under Clinton when he raised taxes on the rich and the Republicans moaned that the economy would crash. As you know it didn’t.

      He reminds me of Clinton with his, “I feel your pain”, line, which almost certainly was not true. Yes, I am not actually a fan of Clinton and have issues with Obama. Both followed the path of neoliberal economics and I wonder about president elect Biden. But Trump has besmirched the US and its government to a degree never known before and really needs to just resign. I expect him to be spending a lot of time in state courts once he loses the presidential protections. And he most certainly is not Christian by any measure.

      I do not think most Americans are by any means nazis – that in the majority is wrong. But there are definitely some with those leanings, just as there are in Austria and horribly enough now in Germany. And that would have to be CCCP networks, not CCP. I get most of my news from English sites, as I am English.

      If you read the history of Empires the US is just the latest one in a long line of empires and is making the same mistakes the former empires made. All claimed they were blessed by god, that they were exceptional, that they were meant to rule over others, although the US used economics and interfering in other countries indirectly to accomplish what other empires did by conquering territory – and I include the British Empire in that group. It is funny that the Roman Empire collapsed after generally adopting Christianity. What really happened with Rome was that it kept its economy going by conquering territories and stripping them of most of their wealth, followed by trying to Romanize the inhabitants, but only recognizing a select few as citizens of Rome from the outer reaches. Eventually they ran out of places with spare gold and silver and the clock started running on their decline, no moral failure needed.

      By 2028 the Chinese will have a larger economy than the US, and American capitalists under neoliberal economics will have helped make that the case. While we have reduced scientific research funding the Chinese have sharply increased theirs. While the average American sees their options shrinking and life becoming less filled with happiness the Chinese are going the other way and have actually closed some US businesses in China as they no longer need their technology. And no I do not like the Chinese government as it is a dictatorship, but the Chinese – like the Russians – have a long history of living under royals or despots. So as long as their personal lives are being made more bearable there will be no revolution in China. Russia might have one as their economy is entirely based on oil and oligarchs.

  3. He is going to be selling US secrets to his master Putin and his lover Kim. The CIA better be on top of Dump.

    1. Not sure why? These last 4 yrs have been the fantastic for my community. Everyone had jobs, our household incomes were up, my investments were high! Just peace and prosperity and the only folks upset were powerless Dems and China.

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