Business Community has Mixed Views on JLP | TVJ News - Sept 7 2021 1

Business Community has Mixed Views on JLP | TVJ News – Sept 7 2021


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  1. I think it’s because of the lockdowns,no money spending,the businesses are falling apart,the poor don’t have jobs or Money to spend

    1. Dont make them people yah fool uno hear., Them only care for themselves. You hear how she address herself in the interview. “When ( i )went to the gas station , when (i) went to the supermarket. Them no speak on behalf a we the people until things is in there best interest. Its not because of we the people but because them not making alot of money again why this really becomes a problem to them . Think about them true intentions be4 you hype them up . They dont reserve our hype

  2. This is the dumbest report one could ever watched. The report was not balanced, and no business or economic experts were talked to. Man, get the hell out of here! That was not a good report! You fail to inform!

    1. I think it is political motivated, I think it’s not doing any good for this country. Every body has something to say, because they are not wearing the shoes of the government, easy to talk. You guys at this station is wicked, and not doing any justice at all

  3. Why are we in this day and age still depending on tourism for growth I thought the pandemic taught us something . Jamaica has way more industries that could potentially allow us to grow exponentially. Water has been one, Ganja industry also is one but its crippled by regulations and almost impossible for the small entrepreneurs to meet, AND there are many more in technology but Jamaica refuses to push themselves past the old ways of thinking.

    1. In the u.s they themselves saw it long time ago but they were finding ways that they (government) themselves can profit off ganja

    2. For the ordinary Jamaicans to benefit directly from tourism tourist have to be able to visit any areas in the country without fear of being robbed and kill.
      Tourism in a crime invested country, how this will ever work effectively.

    1. A no that alone . God provides all these paradise for us the Jamaican people but them sell everything so it no longer belong to the people of this nation

  4. The economy can grow in Jamaica, they don’t have the right set of people to lead .
    When a government only think of self ,they will bring down the whole country. There are so many inventory in Jamaica but the government don’t invest in them

    1. And thats how they’ve been thinking from day 1 that’s why jamaica is like this today!!!! Can you imagine minimum wage is $7000 in 2021!!!! Joke ting

  5. The mine set of our people need to change, handouts are a thing of the pass, if we open people cuss, if lockdown cuss, lord help us..

  6. What the hell is this? Am living in a rich country, and we are in serious trouble right now. The world is in trouble people, wake the hell up, and stop playing politics.

  7. Import based economy and rapid devaluation is the mother of all battles.
    The minister of agriculture boost about yam export totalling US 10 million, when the import bill for used cars exceeds that to the tens of millions

  8. The same ganja that they fighting out will be the saving grace of this nation we are known for having the best why not find a way to incorporate it with tourism in such a manner that would be beneficial to the average Jamaican it’s not rocket science

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