Business Leaders on Vaccine Mandates | TVJ News - Nov 17 2021 1

Business Leaders on Vaccine Mandates | TVJ News – Nov 17 2021


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  1. Tell the government to work hard to curve the crime as hard as he’s working to vaccinate the people and the people won’t hesitate to go take the jab makes no sense you save your life with been vaccinated only for gun men to take it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. What business leader have to do with this. To all vax or unvax can tested positive wks or mths after can still test positive so it’s best get on with life. Dear business ppl go and sit down

  3. John said if we let covid relax .who is we ? I never know John was the government .why John never said let’s raise minimum wages and better schooling .but no give them mandatory vaccine .

    1. He looks really-really lacking something…. all these bastards care about is their profits and them alone having generational wealth

  4. Who the hell is John? Never heard these business moguls talk so passionate about solving crime or uplifting poor people’s lives

  5. Yow bredda easy yuhself bout vaccine……betta yuh device a plan fi try cut dung di crime rate and have a good welfare system inna di country (JA)

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