Busted: GOP Officials Confronted With Evidence Of MAGA Riot Lies 1

Busted: GOP Officials Confronted With Evidence Of MAGA Riot Lies


A growing number of Republican members of Congress are minimizing, dissembling, and lying about the January 6th insurrection. This fact-check by MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber confronts recent statements by those officials with the factual record, documenting 10 key examples of the Orwellian effort to deny the reality of the insurrection, and debunking each one with documentary footage, evidence from legal cases, and independent reporting. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. We are headed towards an autocracy unless these criminals are held accountable for their lies and crimes.

    1. @Mauser that number is highly exaggerated and is based on trumped up insurance estimate numbers that do not reflect actual fact.

      Do you know there were record arrests in all major BLM cities for the months those protests happened? Virtually daily.

      Do you know how many supporters on January 6th were arrested post Insurrection? Not a one. No beatdowns by the cops, instead a loving goodbye by Trump.

      Was there an investigation into Charlottesville and their organizers? Someone died didn’t they? Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

      What was your backlash to the million dollars of damage done during the Eagles Super Bowl victory riot in Philadelphia? Or did that not matter because they were mostly white and just boys being boys?

      What about the destruction caused by counter protestors caused by the caravans of Trump supporters? Didn’t they shoot people to death? Didn’t they destroy property in the name of saving it?

      Just because BLM did more should Trump supporters just get out of jail free? Clarify what your point is. Is that how criminal law works? You’re worse so I get to go free? Guess any murderers not on Death Row can be let out tomorrow…

      Should we all just look the other way? What does the party of law and order say? What does the Blue Lives Matter party say about hurting 140 cops that day?

    2. @Lisa Kelley “The left is doing more for this country than Cheeto man ever did“


      “ colonizers that were thrown out of their own country“

      Also wrong

  2. Forget Congress, The FBI and DOJ must investigate and file charges against these Republican politicians.

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool lol, that is exactly what they are and have been doing….all terrorists, the lot of them.

    2. @Debbie But what advantage can be gained by “letting them sweat more” though? We already knew that we would never get anything from the GOP, even less a commission. The DOJ usually gains their strong reputation by acting swiftly in a response to a major crime, just like the way they quickly recovered the cryptocurrency that was paid to the ransomware hackers by Colonial Pipeline.

    1. Every Republican is a embarrassment to their state and the entire country and world!!!!

    2. Can’t get anymore clearer that RoJo is a Russian stooge, him and eight other republicans went with him to Moscow, Russian to meet Putin on our national holiday July 4th, 2017. TRAITORS, every one of them!

  3. This hurts so much to rewatch and relive every day, because the GOP refuse to accept, acknowledge or take any accountability.

    1. @Cameron Bratten I mean did you just reply why try that is your proof on proving me wrong I mean wow

    2. @Upper 90 lol I know in your mind you think your funny but in reality your just coming off like a dip

    3. @NiNi J Great story goober… That’s too bad though maybe you’ll learn next time to make a better choice

    4. @Paul D Mooney III I didn’t say Antifa was there ball mist ! I said what about the domestic terrorist group BLM and and Antifa burning looting and murdering for over 200 days last summer? Democrats support domestic terrorist and defunding the police killing babies taking guns away from law abiding citizens etc.

    5. It’s hurts to watch our American belief in compromise and checks and balances be so compromised into ‘only a check’ through obstructionism. The lack of growth with that Party has even been a subject within themselves in the past, it hit a wall, and obstructionism has been the result….Authoritarianism is a natural path for that, and they use the need for singularity of purpose as the excuse maker for it. Unsustainable in this Democracy (and their Party).

  4. Still funny they keep attacking Antifa.. when it’s an Anti-Facism movement.

    Obviously the GOP would be against them, as they are themselves Facist…

    1. Why are his comments before the insurrection that were clearly seen on TV
      are not replayed.
      His lies and encouragement for violence is so apparent that it’s obscene.

  5. You forgot about Boebert’s tweets of Pelosi’s location during the insurrection. The live update of where the mob could find the Speaker of the House.

    1. @g h Why would Pelosi need extra security?? According to the foo, uh, right-wingers, there was no violence or insurrection.

    2. Remember when Democrats spent the last four years saying that Republicans were getting people killed and so someone went to a baseball game and shot Steve scalise?

    3. @Vidyas by The Hawkman Yep the ringleaders are still whining in te House and Senate. Sickening.

    4. @TheGhung Fu
      Pelosi didn’t want protection. because she knew the “insurrection” was happening. they got to blame Trump and the conservatives, Trump didn’t get to have his senate meeting about the election fraud which was scheduled for that same day, and they used it as a good reason to barbwire the white house.
      mission accomplished.

  6. They all know what happened,they just want to play down the whole thing,and act like it never happened.
    They are also giving these terrorists the strength to do it all again.
    It will happen again aswell.

  7. If things had gone differently and these people killed the senators and other congressmen and held the capital as planned, Trump would commend them. Give them jobs in his fascist cabinet, make them his generals and claim by divine right that he remain president for life. You can bet your life on that.

  8. Never thought I’d ever see, in my lifetime, two parties in America. One trying to preserve the democracy and defend our Constitution and the other actively trying to destroy it but at the same time too stupid to know it.

    1. They’re continuing what Al Qaeda tried to do on 9-11-2001: The 4th bomb/plane was headed for the Capital. Bin Laden’s pals should send Trump a chocolate cake shaped like a Q’ran (Trump already got a heavy gold necklace from Saudi Arabia). During Reagan’s rule, top Republicans gave Ayatollah Komeini’s mullahs a chocolate cake shaped like a Bible during the Iran-Contra debacle. I jest not – it’s public record. A cake for a cake.

  9. 2020: Republicans downplayed and or ignored Covid-19 and denied there was a pandemic.
    2021: Republicans downplayed and or ignored Trump’s lies and now are denying there was an insurrection.

    1. @Benjamin Duer….AND THEY KEEP CHANGING THE ELECTION RULES (or are trying to) SUCH THAT EVEN IF THEY LOSE, THEY CAN OVERTURN THE ELECTION RESULTS AND DECLARE THEMSELVES “WINNERS”. (Sorry, I’m not normally a “CAP KEY COMMANDO” but these f-ing Republicrooks have pushed the limit!!)

    2. @Im My Opinion this is scary. But,it’s exactly what Trump wanted..
      I guess they can only do this for close results.

  10. It all boils down to a party trying to retain power when they know the truth would expose them as who they are.

  11. And after all this Manchin still expects Bipartisanship to save the day. That boat sailed on Jan 6.

    1. From England. I have twice visited the former communist country Bulgaria. All the museums and art galleries are full of the history of the country but there’s a huge gap where the twentieth century should be. Bulgaria allied itself with Germany in both world wars and, after WWII, it became a communist satellite. I don’t know if any references to its 20th century history appear in its school text books but its museums and art galleries suggest otherwise. History can be all too easily modified or erased. Be on your guard. Remember.

  12. When did assaulting police officers, destruction of federal property, and attempting to hang the vice president become part of the tour?

  13. So funny how these a holes were all like. “Back the blue” till the cops didn’t let them get their way.

    1. They were also hardcore 1776 “revolutionary”magats till the fbi came knocking. All of a sudden they’d been led astray

    2. also them claiming it was Antifa and BLM and yet they don’t want a investigation. If it really was Antifa and BLM the GOP would demand an investigation during the insurrection.

  14. I, personally don’t Understand the ‘Debate’ about this Whole situation! Jan. 6 was a CRIME committed by many in the republican party.

  15. Vicious cycle: Republican politicians tell lies to stay in office, thus gaining supporters who demand more lies.

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