Butler: Chauvin Prosecution Goal To Show This Is ‘Not About The National Reckoning On Race’ | MSNBC

Butler: Chauvin Prosecution Goal To Show This Is 'Not About The National Reckoning On Race' | MSNBC 1


  1. Defense: “This is not about a national reckoning on race.”
    America: “Cool. We’ll just focus on the part where Chauvin choked Floyd to death.”
    Defense: ” 😳 Can we start over?”

    1. Funny the autopsy stated nothing about bruising to the neck or trachea.
      He died of an overdose and bad heart.

    2. @Ja Loux Are you a doctor? I am. Block off the flow of blood to the carotid artery or from the jugular vein and that’s fatal in 6-7 minutes. Sound familiar?

  2. Just don’t allow them to use a narrative to try and convince us we did not see what we all saw. Record all police interactions, do not allow lies to go unchallenged. Actions have consequences, justice for all.

  3. There is absolutely no excuse or reason for a trained officer, knowing the dangers of this Move, and people begging to let him up or even just take his knees off his and back, to continue doing this for almost 10 minutes, NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER! HE WAS HANDCUFFED AND SURROUNDED BY 4 ARMED POLICE OFFICERS. HE WAS NO Threat. Doesn’t matter what he did throughout his life or what drugs he took, or what disease he had, he was breathing when he went down and after a very dangerous 10 minutes, he didn’t get up alive! They knew each other and had issues.

    1. No he is not. He was executed live by the police and didn’t have the chance for a judge and trial like Chauvin.

  4. At 1:06 who took out a can of mace to use against a first responder?
    I thought that was Derek Chauvin, the main murderer.

    1. It was Chauvin, the main murderer. One of the witnesses on the pavement was an off-duty first responder, who was telling him who she was and to stop. When she moved forward, he unholstered his mace.

  5. An Eye for an EYE, see if he likes it! Maybe they will think twice next time before murdering another human being!

  6. Not a racist set up by the police…..There maybe other problems as the trial progress’s but the police responded to a crime from a shop owner….

  7. Chauvin, with his hands in his pocket, indicated he’d determined the outcome of Mr Floyd’s fate. What was in his mind, as people pleaded , is between him and the devil.

    1. @Randy Couch go back to the rock you crawled out of. “BLM” is not a terrorist group, but racists, white supremacists. Oath takers are.

  8. Without question the most horrific incident of police brutality I’ve ever seen. You’d think that this depraved act will bring change to policing in this country. If the unimaginable tragedy at Sandy Hook did nothing to change the gun laws in America, I don’t know what this murder will do to change the way police enforce our laws…we are a violent and inhumane nation in many respects.

  9. Maybe it wasn’t about race. Maybe that’s how the cop would treat all suspects. Will we ever really know? Why isn’t this just about unchecked police brutality period? When this happens to white men it doesn’t receive the same attention, so who is racist?

  10. They murdered Mr. Floyd 1 cop holding his legs, 1 cop with his knees on his back and 1 cop with his knee on his neck.
    They made sure that he was dead before the ambulance arrived.

  11. Derek Chauvin will be convicted they will never let him out of prison its un safe to have murdering cops walking around on the streets

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