Butler: Rep. Gaetz Should Stay Off Fox News And Lawyer Up | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Matt always seemed like such a decent, honest guy. I’m really shocked. “They’re coming for you Mr. Potatohead!”

    1. I am disappointed in Gaetz. He should know better than to fall for the jailbait trap. This is exactly why you only hook up with people 21 or older if you are over 21.

    2. Really? This sorry excuse for a human has had 10 years of accusations. Craigslist, Back page, sugardaddyforme, and adultfriendfinder have records of those who logged on. Plus paypal, and cashapp have records.

    3. It wouldn’t matter what Republican was sitting in his chair it’s not that they have anything against math they want the state of Florida and they’ll destroy whoever to get it

    4. His dad is gonna say, Matt is just missed understood. There are decent perverts on both sides. MAGA!

    1. @tj downs nope I’m done as well , I’ve got work tomorrow so I’m cutting out early and by the way , Republicans won more seats than the democrats did , all they did was win the white house and put a houseplants as president with a token vp. House democrats underperformed so you might want to check those stats and as a matter of fact Republicans had more women added this term than the established democrats. Food for thought

    2. @Istillhavetotakeashit
      Congratulations on making me bite a third time!
      I got to give you that? Sometimes I just cannot resist the nonsense.

    3. The reality check of the first draft was a real real letdown…

      You’re going to find that dollar menu to be a very difficult sale, but please don’t let me stop you.

    4. @Istillhavetotakeashit
      The sun is already down here it must be getting very late where you are… I think your Long Day’s tomorrow are going to get a lot longer than even you realize. Well if that’s the best you guys got anyway

    5. You all are just jealous that Matt Gaetz is a swingin stud and you all are losers with no love life hahahahahahaha.

  2. Reality it looks like Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump are in serious trouble, imagine them going to federal prison in 2021 or 2022.
    Matt Gaetz was going to represent Trump as his attorney.

    1. You all are just jealous that Matt Gaetz is a swingin stud and you all are losers with no love life hahahahahahaha.

    1. Nah dude that’s not it, these kids need real justice not ppl happy to see one side fall. Both sides are Dershy af.

    1. @joseph warmoth we’ve already seen the right “attack”, the attack on the capitol was a bunch of butthurt trump/Qanon supporters. But I’m sure you think it was either BLM or Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters, just to fool the media. 😆 I swear Trump supporters are crazier than a sprayed roach.

    2. @millenniumman75 Democrats have lost their minds. They actually believed that Kavanaugh was organizing gang bangs when he was 15 years old. Total sheep. They believe anything.

  3. No! He really needs to keep talking publicly. It’s in the country’s best interest that he keep doing exactly what he’s doing now.

    1. @Al Bongo You read my comment, you just cannot handle the truth. I will say it again, innocent people usually do not stay quiet. I bet if he was staying quiet you’d be saying it was a sign he was guilty. The problem is you base everything on politics, and you will always think all Republicans are guilty, and all Democrats are innocent. You are a clown. I honestly do not believe this story, and I also do not believe the women accusing Cuomo, the women accusing Trump, the women accusing Kavanaugh, the women accusing Biden, I think all of the accusations are fake. I need more than someone claiming something to believe a story. Did Clinton do what he was accused of, yes, and there is evidence of it, but I have rarely seen another story about a politician being accused of something that I believed. I’d bet my last dollar Gaetz never did what he is accused of. I cannot stand Gaetz, but I am also not dumb, and this story is extremely hard to believe.

    2. @Iamamoth Erf**ker like what? He had to stop his run for campaign because he was caught plagiarizing 😂, that’s you President, lifetime failure.

    3. @David Cat Trump didn’t give a f*ck what people thought of him and people did not like that- but I will tell you this- he did what he said he would do unlike the POS in office now- He did NOT become your president for you to like him- he came to a job!

    4. You all are just jealous that Matt Gaetz is a swingin stud and you all are losers with no love life hahahahahahaha.

    1. gaetz is gaetz but how would this being possibly true be the most wonderful day of the year lol, those are real women

    2. You all are just jealous that Matt Gaetz is a swingin stud and you all are losers with no love life hahahahahahaha.

    1. @Wang Ortiz Is everyone who doesn’t follow Trump a “liberal? Do you know what a liberal is? Do you know that our founders were forming a liberal democracy?”

    2. @lynne baker I sure do. Born and raised in Cali as a kid the white liberals tried to tell u how to speak and act

    3. @lynne baker just like everyone that disagrees with the left a Trump supporter? Cause that is all we heard for 4 years if u go against the leftist liberal and democrats. I was a Democrat so where my parents that came here from Mexico legally. They also say the same about u white liberals ask anyone in the Barrios and u will get the same answer white liberals are racist

  4. We all know who they coined the phrase pay to play after don’t we? And she hasn’t been charged has she?

    1. This can’t be right, for there irrefutable evidence, that states 95% of so-called white males are homosexuals,this clearly put things out of order. No more pillow talking to Trump,. A Catholic priest waiting, for enrollment is down in the Boy’s scouts of America . In need of troop assistance leader.

    1. But, tell them what to do for their best interests, knowing they’ll say, “Don’t tell me what to do,” like the perfect Karens they are, and sit back to watch 😉👍

    1. @thatflyguy fox news takes that honor along with their sister station RT, if Joseph Goebbles was alive today he would be so proud.

  5. I other words: “Once the Feds start looking at you” …they won’t let up until they find something.
    Or, as Schumer so eloquently put it: “They have 6 ways to Sunday to get you!”

    1. @VideoGamesAreAwful aint is in the dictionary. it is a word, and if someone speaking different then you is the only way you can assert dominance, karen, you must be truly pathetic….

  6. This is the greatest moment in television since the O.J. Simpson white bronco freeway chase! The gifts just keep coming!

    1. You all are just jealous that Matt Gaetz is a swingin stud and you all are losers with no love life hahahahahahaha.

  7. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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