Buttigieg On Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: ‘Bottom Line Is, We’ve Got To Get This Done’

Buttigieg On Biden's Infrastructure Plan: 'Bottom Line Is, We've Got To Get This Done' 1


    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson and there’s no way he lost in a landslide, right? Wrong! He lost because he was the most incompetent president this country has ever had.

    2. @Eurotimex Ph 81 million votes to 74 million votes with another 80 million or so not voting is not what anyone in touch with reality would call a “landslide”. And this result AFTER Trump’s bizarrely failed administration, COVID, the economic depression, and the massive effort by the media with “Vote Blue No Matter Who”

      Face it. If it hadn’t been for COVID, there’s no way the DNC would have gotten Biden elected

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Yes, next time we’re going to be saddled with a fascist more competent than Trump after President Harris (Biden’s words — not mine) messes up the present administration. You know it’s coming, even if you don’t want to believe it.

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson And what exactly is your evidence, for this rather dire and ridiculous prediction..?

    5. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson LOL trump called his win over Hillary a landslide. Covid or no covid trump is incompetent. He had no chance of getting reelected no matter who ran against him.

  1. Bezos is the biggest user of roads and bridges, every time his packages roll out across the country. He needs to pay taxes. So do other corporations that depend on infrastructure.

    1. Higher corporate tax rate than china. Lol the commies will tax you less than the biden administration πŸ˜‚ and the seals clap

    2. @Tod Brown so you dont pay corp taxes on top of the gass taxes? good to know i will let the IRS know.

      and NO there is no where near enough to cover even infestructure upkeep as is w/o companies paying thier fair share.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson nope none were equivalents
      You spewed lines of garbage and blamed both sides, without context

  2. Wow. Focus for a minute when Pete is talking about solutions. This is a kind, intelligent, real human being, well capable of contextual thought.

    1. @Lin-z-lou Ah yes, invading another country and killing citizens of that country for being there first is extremely generous

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Apparently you are too self involved to even notice my avatar. Figure it out.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson You clearly don’t have the resources to execute critical thinking or deductive reasoning, established by your question.

  3. I’ve been trying to get ahold of me repeat four months I have something that can help him tremendously with his undertaking of what he’s getting ready to do here but I cannot get anyone to help me get him to contact me if you could do that it would be a good thing for this country I promise you that

  4. The difference between a politician in thier 30’s to 70’s is incredible, he is articulate and clear and focused in his messaging

  5. Sounds like a good plan. Great job Biden team. Improvements can always be made but it’s on the right track so far.

    1. And right in the midfle of a world wide pandemic, with staggering national debt, and horrible unemployment and homelessness you want to do this now? Could you not pick a worse time to build a bridge ? Really?

  6. If the GOP suddenly starts caring about fiscal responsibility again…just tell them Mexico is paying for the infrastructure and things should be good.

  7. Get’er done, Joe!!! Most Americans support you on this issue. Crumbling infrastructure is hurting our competitiveness in the global marketplace. We have shorted infrastructure over 2 trillion dollars since the great recession and there is no such thing as a free lunch. The obscenely rich and corporations need to pay more because they benefit greatly from our infrastructure. Infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges.

  8. President Joe Biden put Pete in the best position, we need a great infrastructure bill, it’s long overdue! I know Pete will to a incredible job!

    1. Yes Pete knows how to talk the game and he knows how to talk with press and performs really well in interviews.

  9. Mayor Pete always talks sense. Repubs like McConnell see every initiative in terms of money and tax increases, not whether these initiatives will improve the quality of life for all Americans. It’s time the oligarchs and corporations give back to the people from whom they get their wealth.

    1. Holy cow the guy has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about transportation , nor infrastructure. The man sucked as mayor , literally. And you want us to believe that he suddenly became an expert on transportation ? Based on what?

  10. Infrastructure is amongst the most important investments in a society looking to move forward. It’s really that simple. If you can’t move your people or products, then you’re already behind.

  11. I’m one of those Texans who melted snow to flush the toilet. At one point, when the snow was melting, I collected the snow from the ledges of the CVS pharmacy building into a plastic bag. That was a horrible week. But the scariest part of the whole thing was not having access to water. One day isn’t so bad, but when it’s a week it gets desperate. (There was no bottled water available either. At one point I bought a bottle of diet tonic water since there was nothing else.) If nothing else, I’m glad that our horrible week brought attention to the issue of deregulation and big conglomerates making money by cutting corners. (Most of the guys on the energy board lived out of state. They all ended up resigning.)

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