Buttigieg On What He Would Tell His 13-Year Old Self: 'Hang In There' 1

Buttigieg On What He Would Tell His 13-Year Old Self: ‘Hang In There’


Jonathan Capehart discusses with Pete Buttigieg, the first LGBTQ person to be confirmed by the Senate to a Cabinet-level position, what he would want his younger self to know: “There’s nothing wrong with you, just hang in there.” Buttigieg adds that that message goes beyond him – that it’s a message all queer 13-year olds should hear: “I want to make sure 13-year old whoever you are knows to hang in there.”
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  1. Meanwhile, if this were Pence’s family, he’d tell that 13-year old that God made a mistake when he made him so enjoy your life of sin, child.

  2. Trump Organization lawyer says Manhattan DA indicated no immediate plans to charge former president

  3. Happy Pride y’all. . Love always wins….despite the ignorance and hate, love always wins.

  4. I was so blessed to reach all of my life issues by a much earlier age. And blessed with a loving father and an a well traveled Irish mother.

  5. What make him feel different? There’s not even two drops of water that are the “same”!

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