Buttigieg Responds To Ocasio-Cortez Calling For More Infrastructure Funding | The Last Word | MSNBC

Buttigieg Responds To Ocasio-Cortez Calling For More Infrastructure Funding | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. All these people crying about Infrastructure and how much is being spent. Didn’t Texas go through a massive power outage that shut down a majority of the state followed by old pipes bursting and making people pay up to 5 digits in terms of using power?

    1. @James Gomez we all believe in climate change because climates change… If you mean “man made global warming”, no, that is not science, it’s a cult.

    2. @Mm Please don’t try to invoke science or logic, because has rarely/if ever confirm conservative beliefs.

    3. @James Gomez Your comment is so poorly written, I don’t know what you’re saying. Then again, you probably don’t know that you’re saying either…

  2. I remember a quarter of a century ago when I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, their biggest department was Environmental. And that was 25 years ago.

    1. @andoo boi It is not the fish with plastic in them, you need to worry about…It is the processed foods, fast foods, you eat every day…Which leads to Obesity, and Alzheimer….Which leads to Heart failure, Sugar Diabetes….Then you start taking medicine, for these diseases…Which lead to side effects that you have to have medications to counteract….Before you know it you are on at least 10 medications….and it goes on and on till you dead…..The moral of the story, is buy organic, grow your own, and don’t eat fast foods….You are still going to die..but maybe not as soon…my philosophy, I am making myself a science experiment, for my future family…I don’t eat processed foods, or fast foods, I don’t go to Dr.or take meds… I will see how long I live…GOD BLESS USA/ ALL PEOPLE

    2. @may wilson I don’t eat fast food what I’m worried about is the food that should be good for us but it’s not because we ruining the ecosystem

    3. @andoo boi That is true also.. That is why I shop ALDI’S…All organic, Healthy foods sold there….

    4. @art anderson Not to mention awful math skills.
      Apparently this ones under the impression that stimulus check were the only welfare in the stimulus package.

  3. What would the cost be for World War 2, the Inter-State Highway System, the Trans-Continental Railroad, or construction of the Erie Canal in today’s dollar…for comparison?

    1. @1ocean515 Sorry to belabor a point, but do you even know what ‘social progressivism’ is???

      Your post literally is the funniest thing YT has seen in a long while. You could not be more unintentionally ignorant right now if you absolutely needed to be. Thanks for brightening up my workday!

    2. @t w

      “Do you right wingers not study history ever?”

      You should ask yourself the same question. How did the Roman Empire fare after limitless spending on wars and infrastructure?

      I’ll wait…

    3. @The Golden Arm If you actually think you can distill the fall of the Roman Empire in any aspect down to infrastructure, christ almighty, I do not know what to say. Try not reading a website with ‘patriot’ or ‘beacon’ or ‘freedom’ in it & latching onto a nugget thinking you have a ‘drop the mic’ moment in your quiver.

      I don’t disagree about wars, but let’s look at the two longest running & costly wars ever for America & how they started.

      Appreciating the effort, laughing wholeheartedly at the idiocy. I’ll keep waiting til you have something of substance to add to the conversation.

  4. Or I4 in Downtown Orlando it’s been a construction 🚧 zone for 17 years out of 21 I been a resident in Central Florida 😂😂😂

    1. @Timothy M wonder what shithole democrat city you’re from.
      The last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking.

    2. @Daniel lol…actually it’s been one of the reddest city’s in the US…but lots of smart youngsters moving in, so bluer and better every year. The old whitey’s are freaking tho, it’s quite entertaining.

  5. I’ve been across the brent spence bridge several times over the last 10 years and it’s a scary experience. would definitely like to see that replaced.

    1. @kantwinnada Kentuckians keep reelecting McConnell because it’s the only name they know how to read, duh!

    2. Lmfao so building roads helps climate change? If you don’t know by now the liberal brain don’t exist

    3. @DG youtube there’s different projects in that package. Don’t be a talking head and research.

  6. Many US citizen have face big depreciation in financial terms, The government has really let us down. Either way with the little idea I know about Investing, the real estate is real good and the profits are huge, it actually takes huge capital to start, but Investing in cryptocurrencies has really been a big game changer for many people.

    1. Profits! Are huge! Basically your ripping ppl off? Charging them for something that’s not worth the money that is was built with. Thief

  7. brilliantly said, ty both. there is great need all across our country. for too long, infrastructure has gotten the short end of the stick and there have been many tragedies just waiting to happen. finally addressing these issues before a tragedy can occur is wisdom.

    1. infrastructure? we are going to listen to a guy who thinks two men can procreate… who give eachother aids and want the rest of our tax dollars to pay for their medications to keep them alive to continue to spread hiv through their filthy behavior?

    2. Except all they are going to do is buy land. Because of the pandemic, the cities will go on a buying spree. Not building anything.

    1. @Jay Porter In this case it’s not because there has always been kickbacks in every party in every country since the dawn of civilization. The government shouldn’t stop all public infrastructure building because there might be a few people who get more then they deserve. Infrastructure projects do more for the economy then almost anything else. The economic activity generated from just the building of the infrastructure is more then the investment. The military on the other hand is a massive blackhole money sink.

    2. Government neglect has caused these bridges and roads to deteriorate gas tax and tolls are meant to maintain these, but what have they done , they mismanaged the funds they put the money into there own pockets, now they want 2/12 trillion to fix the problem that they themselves created, if they couldn’t manage the problem before it became a problem what makes you think by throwing more money at them that it will be fixed this time around , just like with any other government managed project, this to we fail , but the politicians and the contractors will have there pockets full, and they’ll be asking for more money, it happens all the time , you got to pay attention, don’t just make some hair brained comment if you don’t know 💩

  8. Building transportation infrastructure always provides good jobs, not just now but in the future. Any new system will need on-going maintenance. Time to start thinking about job (re)training now.


    2. @may wilson My mother-in-law is 92, still learning new things on her computer and iPhone, still dancing – keep moving, keep learning,, stay healthy, stay younger

  9. This is a good start! I’ve spoken with public works directly and sewers, water supply, roads, storm sewers all are in desperate need of replacement! We are becoming a 3rd world country. There’s money’s out there, if the wealthy can come up with billions to lobby and buy politicians, they can pay for taxes!

    1. Where’s the discussion about wages? I agree with you entirely but instead of always invoking the “T” word (taxes) why don’t we focus on the wage disparity? Lowest level salary needs to be tied by a reasonable ratio to the top job. Those wages need to be paid BEFORE the profits are skimmed off for executive bonuses and hedge funds.

    1. @Google Sux Typical moronic response. CA and NY pay the most in federal taxes. Since they pay the most they should get the most. It’s the red states that are deadbeats and not pulling their weight.

    2. @Suomy Nona Top 10 states with least debt:
      1. Alaska
      2 Nebraska
      3 South Dakota
      4 Idaho
      5 Tennessee
      6 Oklahoma
      7 Utah
      8. North Dakota
      9. Wyoming
      10 Montana
      Interesting how all them states are Red!!!

    3. @Dave Slattery The total population of all of those states is less than California by 13.3M. South Dakota and Alaska have higher per capita debts than California. It’s easy to have low debt when you provide no services to your citizens.
      Interesting how you cherry picked red states to prove your pointless point!!!

  10. When the video opened up talking about bridges, i didn’t think they were actually talking about a structure that crosses over something.instead of bridges of crossing political isles.

  11. “And the other side, if… they have good ideas they want to bring to the table” 😏 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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