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    • Whisperer Border @ Whisperer. I LOVE THE DEMOCRATS !
      Every crazy radical Presidential democrat candidate raised their hands for FREE healthcare for ALL illegal migrant invaders, AND they ALL agreed to “decriminalize” any illegal migrant invaders coming over through democrats “open borders.”
      This is the biggest ‘Christmas present’ that Republicans and President Trump could ever ask for ..
      This absolutely “guarantees” that Republicans & President Trump take back ALL branches of government in 2020.

    • Any Body yeah so did you see him in the first dem debate get called out for failing to handle the shooting of his district? Ha the dude basically said sorry. Had nothing to say for himself and what he was going to do. A simple question broke him. Imagine a mad dictator coming at him in the face of war, the guy would melt!! SPINELESS🤡

    • @Built2Fast I would never vote for a racist gay jew even if I did agree with his policies because it’s all just talk to me but that’s what they all do say one thing and do another once they get your vote that’s politics 101

    • Racist whyts are so desperate & stupid that they think likes on YT are equivalent to black votes. They also stupidly believe they can get black credibility by pretending to be black or hispanic with their fake names: how pathetic it is to try to play the race card with a whyt hand, but of course all racists can’t help but behave like Pete. Oh & when we take all the lies they say about black people & apply them to whyts it all makes sense; lazy, tribal neanderthal cavemen losers, who are trying to change the subject because they are entitled (diseased) with whyt privilege. That’s all you’ve ever had because it was basically given to you out of pity but now you’re losing it too. Kamala Harris & Corey Booker will win & I can’t wait to see the look on your stupid racist whyt faces when it happens. They will carry on the good work that Obama started for our country.

  1. In south bend ‪He already hired a private investigator to pass judgment on the officer, has openly admitted that his handling of this nationwide issue in his home state was not nearly enough and has taken steps to heal and learn! Held a police accountability review meeting…the police force are accusing Pete of actually being biased because he actually wants to learn from what happened. Just today the south bend police launched a video against Pete for standing up for what’s right A true leader who cares and check out his Douglass plan!‬ 🇺🇸🙏🙏🏼🙏🏿

  2. I’d like to see other candidates do as well with a tough interviewer like this.

    I like Harris, but I want her to discuss her record as a prosecutor, and I’d love someone to point out to her that despite the color of her skin, she had a very privileged upbringing. After her talking about busing in the first debate, I think many might be under the impression that she grew up disadvantaged.

    I’d also like Warren to finally come clean about her claiming minority status on job/university applications. What exactly happened there? Lay it out for us.

    • Pete has no chance in hell winning. It will take another half a century before Americans will be open to vote for a gay guy and his spouse. Left to me I have no problem, but many people in America still

    • Seriously, if it wasn’t for the color of her skin and the use of her vagina Kamalatoe wouldn’t even be in the running. And Warren? I’ll lay it out for you; she lied about her race to gain an advantage in a very competitive environment…and then got caught after many years of special treatment.

    • @Hayden Williams …Republicans lost the mid-terms. Democrats didn’t “win” anything. Democrats stand to lose against Trump and possibly the house next year. So, go ahead and keep burning the American flag and calling for open borders. Americans are finally waking up to the enemy within (YOU).

    • @Jack Wertz COMPLETE FAILURE FROM YOU. Check the MIDTERMS, you dismissive little sh*t!


      Red LOST over 300 seats in legislative races! Triggered republicans CRIED about voter fraud with ZERO EVIDENCE!

      15 House Republicans with A NRA ratings lost on election day. All 15 were replaced by Democrats with F NRA ratings!

      In 2006/2010, the party “riding the wave” won an average of 57% of Toss Ups, 19% of opposite Leans, & 9% of opposite Likely races per Cook Political ratings. In 2018, Dems won/are leading in 57% of Toss Ups, 7% of Lean R races & 3% of Likely races…TRUMPISM IS DEAD!!!

  3. “When I get to the age of the current president, in the 2050s…” I appreciate how Buttigieg uses such a tactful and subtle way of reminding people how far apart he is from Trump, in age and message.
    Mayor Pete’s a real class act!
    ✌️💜 🇺🇲 2020

    • @Doctor James He literally doesn’t have any policies. And any policies you can try to give me, look at his record. Dudes a flip flopper. Bernie 2020.

    • @Payhole Everdouche I don’t anything prepares someone for the presidency. It’s a whole different animal when you’re on the world stage. I think how one performs as president will ultimately come down to their character.

    • @exiledfrommyself
      Yes I agree, but this guy can’t even run a small Midwestern town that well. He needs to get elected to governor of a state first. This way he can better compete with the pompous Democratic senators.

  4. I didn’t feel that the interviewer wanted to listen. I felt he wanted to deliver a “gotcha question”! He asked to hear of Mayor Pete’s idea to help people across the digital divide. Pete said he would raise minimum wage then was interrupted by the next question. That was disappointing, I wanted to hear the rest of what he would have said! I didn’t need a broad paint brush over everything, and Axelrod was just grilling.

    • @Danial Safvat your right i liked mayor pete but after all the things that came out and that video of him telling a group of black ppl you dont have to vote for me that crossed him out in my books

    • @quinton carter You have lost the ability to listen – Buttigieg did NOT say that. Instead, in that conversation on the street, he wanted to make the point he was NOT turning up and facing that angry crowd just to aid his campaign but because he was genuinely listening to their grievances to find out what to do better in future. It was the exact OPPOSITE of the condescending attitude you are implying he allegedly showed.

    • @Timo K we i guess alot of ppl are not good a listening since hes dropped in the polls but like i said i liked him till his response and if your ppl have problems it your time to talk about it if your the mayor and running for president you have to answer ppl questions so becuz it wasnt the right time ppl can’t ask the question about what are you going to do about your police chief or is it hes just worried about being president and not whats going on in his hometown

  5. An incredible person. You can tell he is a vet. It takes bravery to volunteer for service and I can only imagine what it must be like to be an openly gay person running for political office. Pete is what you would call “our better angels”. His heart is there. Good luck to him and all the candidates.

  6. will just say if he plans on winning he will need that vote. Fundraising doesn’t really point you to where you need to go. And well…….

  7. I think with the right makeup and costume he could be a spitting image of skarsgard’s pennywise. He’s def got the smile

  8. I like Mayor Pete, smart, articulate and on point. However very light on specific solutions or actions. I think Mayor Pete would be an ideal VP to Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. Eight years as VP under either of those two seasoned leaders and Mayor Pete would be a power house for President (2028 and 2032).

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