Buttigieg says no gas or mileage tax in Biden’s infrastructure plan

Buttigieg says no gas or mileage tax in Biden's infrastructure plan 1


  1. People Just don’t believe
    Any of
    Moscow Mitch’s self-serving BS
    The Wolf of K-Street still hungers

    1. He said the option was on the table this week and it caused a huge uproar because no one likes more taxes to pay other countries citizens so he is clearing the air. This had nothing to do with Mitch

    2. They will raise taxes on the middle class, killing the recovery. Then blame Trump again. Just think about it, even Tapper is skeptical. The math is simple. Lets say for every 200 people making 75K a year, one person makes 250K a year. You can generate more tax revenue by raising taxes on those making 75K then you can on the one person making 250K. This is why middle class taxes always go up under Democrats.

  2. It’s very encouraging to hear that conservation is a priority, considering that (almost) all of our food comes from trucks, trains and barges using fossil fuels. I have faith he’s progress.

    1. @Naz the Bol neither of you would risk a war with us alone. That’s why your attempting to allie. Although you won’t. Bc you both want to be like big brother USA and you can’t do that tag teaming hahaha chumps

    2. @Naz the Bol besides you commies love fighting each other. Yall will go to war over without us doing a thing.

  3. A brand new medical research showed that listening to Mitch McConnell’s words causes ear cancer.

    1. @Apurva Patel
      they just voted the biggest cancer on the planet out of office.
      Dont know how jails are going to put up with the bigly turd.

    2. Well if you want to say that if you support Biden you are brain Dead and sniffed way to much glue and ate to much tide pods.

  4. But FOX will just simply say it does have those taxes embedded in it and their viewers will believe it.

    1. @A Morfus Jussie Smollet, Kavanaugh, Covington kid CNN had to settle with, Russian collusion, real accurate reporting from CNN? LOL 😆

    2. @Michael Garrity Who are the fact-checkers? Does it even matter if they tell you what you want to hear?

    3. Yes we will… you already being taxed just by higher fuel cost at the pump. Just sit back and wait. Money has to come from somewhere

    4. @Robin McDuffie It isn’t just “true/false” they provide an explanation with sources. You can do your own due diligence without having to rely solely on your limited experience.

  5. Well if they want to repair all the bridges and Roads that seems like a good idea to create jobs but I’m guessing the Republicans don’t want a part of it because they didn’t come up with it🤔

    1. Drive on roads in Republican run states and then drive on roads in Democrat run states. Gretchen Whitmer promises every annual tax hike will go to schools and roads. Every year. Yet no progress on either.

    2. ​@Joe Penrod : Thanks to gerrymandering, the Michigan state legislature is in the hands of the GOP, not the Democrats. Funding bills come from from the legislature, not the Governor.

    1. ​@Jeffrey Ren : Both the RNC and the DNC maintain a team of well paid staffers whose job is to read their opponents bills for anything “hidden” and pass their findings in to members of their party and “friendly” media.

    2. @John David Wolf yeah I was being sarcastic sorry lol. Obviously if people would bother reading the bills and hold their congressmen responsible it wouldn’t be so bad. But look at the last time the Republicans forced in the tax breaks an healthcare. They were illegibly writing things into the margins and not allowing Democrats any time to read it to dispute it. And republicans still think that people like ted Cruz have their best interests in mind LOL

    3. ​@Jeffrey Ren : Most of the bills are written in an arcane format that the average person would find near impossible to understand and rely on their member of congress or the press to de-cipher.

  6. Wow, that left out words I know i said…..this phone needs to be ran over several times and put out of my misery.

  7. 1:43 hey man the senate only ever needs a simple majority (50 or 51) votes for any piece of legislature per the constitution. the 60 requirement is the filibuster which is not something the american people agreed on, its a rule within the senate. no legislation ever requires 60 votes.

    mcconnell might be a little too unanerican to remember that

  8. Send the IRS people to Mar-a Largo to recover all the taxes the orange man cheated the government over the last 30 years. That should cover half of the infrastructure spending.

    1. Yes, but not at a significantly higher rate than that of 12 year old pregnancies in any other population.

    2. @Asa Oded you are kidding me? Family? These children are being sexually abused by drug cartels and you’re going to say the families are the ones impregnating them?

  9. Im so sick of the media repeating the same thing over and over and over and over! “Bipartisan” has lost all meaning! No one cares if there is any in congress, what matters is that things get done to improve the lives of Americans.

    1. Which stopped happening 5 years ago with all of the get Trump nonsense. Congress no longer serves the people, but rather themselves.

    2. @Shawn Corbin Congress has always served itself and has nothing at all to do with Trump. Nice try though ; )

  10. I know a few people who’ve been seriously affected by all this brainwashing. Ending up on anti depressants, having breakdowns, committing suicide, it’s a bloody disgrace. Turning people against each other within families. All a part in the great plan. It’s sinister and frightening just how easy people have been manipulated.

  11. Tax the 1% before you raise 1 more price or weigh us down with more burden…
    Its about time that they kick in, and share the load….

  12. Raise the tax on guns and ammunition. Use the same logic that politicians use for taxing liquor and cigarettes

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