CA Dem Rep.: Last Night I Told My Husband Where My Will Was | MSNBC 1

CA Dem Rep.: Last Night I Told My Husband Where My Will Was | MSNBC


California Democrat Rep. Linda Sánchez joined MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace to talk about the chaotic insurrection on Capitol Hill, and explain that before coming to work on Wednesday to certify the Electoral College vote, she told her husband where her last will and testament was located. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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CA Dem Rep.: Last Night I Told My Husband Where My Will Was | MSNBC


    1. larr Larr, Under the 14th Amendment, section 3, …any official who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, may be removed from office for engaging in or aiding an insurrection….. Inciting sedition, in my opinion, qualifies.

    2. Trump supporters are Purely uneducated, willfully ignorant trash!!
      Don’t ever think this was about an election, this was about angry white people losing a white supremacist leader.

  1. Arrest every terrorist, insurrectionist, and traitor. They have been treated with kids gloves for far too long.

    1. @Edrobal Ynnek the entire government is behind this. Notice there 10 min scripted sheets they read off of? I mean they are in bunkers actually writing how they feel about americans storming there house and how it’s against the constitution? What? That itself makes no sence. But what else is that they all decided and had time to write themselfs scrips on how to condem these people these americans and what they are going to do. I mean it’s scripted not by them it was given to them to read. It’s a false flag. It’s not real. Period. None had any time to write them scrips they read off of. Meaning it was prepair days or weeks ago. Meaning the entire thing was a hoax fake

  2. What happened to the Executive order signed during BLM protests to life in prison sentences for breaching and vandalizing federal buildings

    1. @Terrance Roff, Actually, the lies are a continuation of Trump’s housing discrimination policy. Trump’s walk down the escalator drew the public’s attention when he referred to Mexicans as rapists/murders followed by the Muslim ban….etc

    1. It began with Bend OR. Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge – Wikipedia, Trumps friends.

    2. Zeel, why are you shocked? 45th has a sense of entitlement and he was enabled by the Republicons in Congress even right now. GOP leadership had the means to remove 45th since February and didn’t. Now they are pushing back it is too little too late. Republicons you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

    3. No. I am not ‘shocked’. It was expexted. The Gop Congress ignored his hate inciting etc. from day1, 2017, even before.

  3. THANK YOU! It’s like they were at a football game! They get to walk about cheer and laugh. They should be arrested!

  4. What did they expect? Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Gaetz etc what did they expect?? Insurrection and sedition. Lock them up? Where’s that chant now

    1. Trump held a rally with them a couple hours before the they stormed the Capitol, and Guiliani was in the middle of them egging them on with words of violence.

    2. I’ll tell you what they expect.
      They expect to raise their popularity among those hooligans and the ill informed who were dump enough, ignorant enough, racist enough, and or indefferent enough to vote for the orange buffoon after he drove the whole country in a ditch and left 350k+ dead with his HUGE brain and perfect response to the pandamic.
      They’re eyeing a presedential run in 2024 if there will ever be one!
      As for the violence and mayhem that any person with half a brain would definitely anticipate… They couldn’t care less!
      Shame and decency had long been dead at the GOP land.

    1. If there’s a lynch mob I hope they do the responsible thing and exercise a calm, rational approach to dealing with wanton insurrection.

    1. the fascists are the democrats with their media allies. it’s literal fascism. wake up. you’re watching msnbc. literal fascist network. here you are. lol

    1. Remember one year ago when Adam Schiff said Trump could still do plenty of damage in the remaining months before he could be voted out? Well here we are 350,000 Covid deaths and one right-wing attack on the US Capitol later. Adam Schiff was right.

  5. The President should be hold accountable for this because he fueled the fire so much for he law and order

  6. Presidential reality show season 2 – Insurrection! – brought to you courtesy the president and party of “law and order”

  7. Not being gassed and beaten into submission after removing assault weapons BECAUSE THEY AREN’T BLACK! I am white btw.

    1. @The Ultimate Reductionist Same here and we’re all just seething in my house over this outrageous hypocrisy.

    1. You are correct.. At the time I felt that she had gone too far that it was wrong of her to label so many Folks as being “Deplorables” because they liked her Opposition, but after four years of being verbally attacked and even threatened online for simply feeling Trump is an Incompetent Serial Lying Racist Conman Grifter.. I can see that many of his Supporters are terribly dangerous and deplorable Human Beings. I was totally mistaken.

    2. Hilary really, add how many others to her list of corrupt traitors who share the stench of treason! Check the facts and maybe you will make sense!

    1. @LogBucker – Capitol Police were decked out head to toe in body armor and the protesters were yelling at them like they wanted to speak to their manager.

    2. Andre Hill killed 10 seconds after police rolls up. Folks break into capitol hill during electoral votes certification and police stand down.

    1. Do away with representative government without oversight by average american and defund congress to minimum wage with no allowance of outside money in their lives living solely off governments lowest ration.

    2. If he’s not in jail by morning you will lose my respect and all the checks and promised future be damned

    3. Det rid of trump and hid bullies. We don’t have to live in a threatened by bullies. Think of your children lives if we allow this to go unpunished.

    1. @Win Big with Lena & Mike except that you don’t realize the difference and you are wrong. we won’t do this all day. the price of poor education has been high enough for one day.

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