CA Governor Newsom Pleads For Gun Control At San Jose Briefing 1

CA Governor Newsom Pleads For Gun Control At San Jose Briefing


California Gov. Gavin Newsom highlighted the heroism of first responders and called for more gun control legislation at a news conference on Wednesday's San Jose shooting.

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    1. @James Lewis “if you got rid of guns, criminals wont have any either”. This is not the 1200s. We know how to make guns. Gangs have been caught in LA CA manufacturing 1911 handguns and AR15s. About 8 years ago, the ATF got a tip and raided a machine shop that was mass producing them.

  1. Once again, no good guy with a gun, huh? It’s almost like there’s hardly EVER a good guy with a gun. Three times in all of the last few years.

    1. @Autumn Branch A 13 year old stopped 3 home invaders in Tx with her parents AR15. A woman stopped 3 others in Tx with her AR15

    2. @Autumn Branch just a week ago they stopped a shooter in Arkansas but how could there be a good guy with a gun if California won’t let anybody but criminals

  2. Gov, it’s too late for “control”. I think we, as a society should decide to stop making and selling guns, period. It would take a long time, but eventually there would be less and not more guns here. It’s getting more dangerous every day and it’s hard for anyone to deny that fact.

    1. That just verbal puke. Think about that. Even if they stopped completely, how many decades or centuries before they clear what’s out. Enjoy your fantasy tho, as unrealistic as it is

    2. Follow the statistics. More people die from hammers and blunt objects than from guns each year.

    3. @johnpenn74 good thing I’m well armed to defend my family and property from all the Thor wannabe’s

    4. Why don’t you move to North Korea instead?
      It would be much cheaper than trying to get congress to repeal the 2A since there’s too many gun nuts to fight off

    1. It ends when gun free zones are eliminated and places of work allow their employees to conceal carry

    2. It also ends when we return Christianity to the public schools and teach real morals to the children, instead of “do anything you want” secular humanism

    3. @Davis Tran when gun grabbers are made accountable all those people that died were killed by gun control

  3. This is so painful to watch. Everytime this happens it makes the situation worse and the people are left feeling so useless and helpless. What can we do differently to prevent this from happening over and over again. Shame on our Country for not caring about the lives of our people. Where are the gun lobbyist and what makes them so quiet in the face of mass shootings. Who can understand the magnitude of this tragedy and why?

    1. Jessie, agree.
      I think the Governor touched on it when he said the word “platitudes” more than once. I think he also hinted at the anger build up that has reached a new level brought on by many social ills.

      It might be time for a new way of government; with elected people who will actually have the BALLS to make hard decisions- which includes LISTENING to constituents and NOT money and corporations. Until then, good luck…

    2. @Constituent A Those who are brainwashed are calling for strict gun control to solve our problems in a state that has strict gun control.

    3. Uh…well for one we could stop making it so hard for law abiding citizens to exercise their second amendment right. If one of these victims had been carrying, and had a little training, they could have prevented this. Newsome is a buffoon; and so are many of his colleagues, for that matter. This happens all across the globe. Not “just in America”. And it happens more frequently in places that have the strictest gun control, or outright gun bans, because gun control doesn’t work. And yet every time something like this happens, these idiots started yelling for more of the same policies that dont work. They do this because they are really just exploiting the situation to prop up their political agenda. We have too much government intervention as it is, and its makes us weaker, not stronger. One of the aspects about this topic that is most maddening is the same morons saying that only the government should have guns, are often the same morons saying defund the police. And the sad fact is the police aren’t going to be there in time to save you anyway. If this guy had been more determined to raise the body count, the police wouldn’t have prevented that either. Luckily he gave up and killed himself.

    1. @Jona Denz-Hamilton I think you missed the point. It is purely a matter of common sense…criminals don’t care about the law. A person out to commit a violent crime isn’t going to care that it’s against the law to have a gun.

    1. Why do Americans pretent you can’t cross state lines? You all did it for covid too. It’s weird.


  4. Peoples don’t know what is a gun with you they feel protected but that is not real a weapon is a responsibility not for playing

    1. @Jona Denz-Hamilton actually lower than CA. Mass shootings are higher in CA. But notice how you keep pasting this disproved quote all over.

    2. If a person is about to commit a crime they don’t care if it’s against the law to have a gun! BUT if they know everyone they meet also has a gun they’re gonna think about their odds of becoming the victim. Easy peasy, common sense.

    3. @Jacob w Jona Denz is clearly a moron. Yet here in California, she is referred to as a strong and wise woman

    1. Just the way it’s supposed to be. Stay away from gun control or these mass shootings will look like child’s play.

  5. Jesus loves and cares about you so much So whatever problem you have Jesus has the solution,What’s there to lose by trying right?

    Like so more people can see this

    Word of the day

    Proverbs 10 : 19

    Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut

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