CA Schools Superintendent On New CDC Guidelines: 'There's A Path To Open' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

CA Schools Superintendent On New CDC Guidelines: ‘There’s A Path To Open’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Tony Thurmond, the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about the new CDC guidelines for opening K-12 schools. “With 79% of our schools still in remote learning environments, I think some are encouraged by the new CDC guidelines. There's a path to open. But many, including those who have underlying health conditions are still very worried,” he said. Aired on 02/15/2021.
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CA Schools Superintendent On New CDC Guidelines: 'There's A Path To Open' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. What’s the problem here exactly? Vaccinate the teachers and staff, then open the schools, and if parents want an option for remote, give them that option. Oh yeah, and pass the relief bill and get states and schools the funding they need.

  2. As a mom in CA, this was actually reassuring. It’s good to know that we finally have CDC guidelines that are as apolitical as possible & that state leadership admits that we need more vaccine & testing to make it safe enough, not only for healthy kids, but for staff & families who who have medical issues.

    1. School district in Vermont varies for keeping schools open since the fall, some are open five days , while others are open two in class than two days on line. One day they say for deep cleaning, which truthfully should be done daily. They have guidelines they have been following, the children, teachers along with all employees. I believe they been testing everyone right along.

  3. A lot of states are open this is crap to get stimulus and begun to make trump look bad and elect potato head

  4. The CDC says children need to be in school if Joe’s going to listen to science why are these kids not back in school a complete and utter failure can’t even stick to his promises well I guess you get what you voted for

  5. You should vaccinate the teachers first. However, the teachers are not the only ones at risk.

    Those children will break guidelines consistently, because they are CHILDREN. We can’t even get adults to get their act together. And when those children spread the virus like wildfire, and some will die because children are not immune, they will bring it home to the parents. Do I have to explain what happens then?

  6. When things are going good you only see whites taking the credit. As soon as things go bad, they have no problem electing or appointing African Americans to positions.

    1. What ?? I highly that, if you haven’t noticed no matter what your race is, they are very highly educated people, if they take the challenge and set goals.

    1. WOW , do your reseach, listen and wake the Biden Administration briefings. They give the current information for all topics,

    2. @Alexis Pheonix he plans to sign immigration bill this week, but what about schools. They say maybe 1 day a week. Private schools have been open how long & doing good… Biden’s a puppet…

  7. Hey, aren’t there devices that can make a home a “hot spot”? They did this in the DC “connected” schools system, and it worked beautifully. I know that some areas had school buses in dead zones and THEY were the hot spot for internet connectivity. Maybe something like that?

  8. It’s all about the Money. Most of the country has had schools going since the fall. About seven months now.
    What’s the holdup? Money that’s what.

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