Caitlyn Jenner Announces She Is Running For Governor Of California | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Caitlyn Jenner Announces She Is Running For Governor Of California | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Caitlyn Jenner has announced that she has joined the race for governor of California in a likely recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom. NBC's Mark Murray has details. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Caitlyn Jenner Announces She Is Running For Governor Of California | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Dan Socia there were many people with qualifications that would blow Trump’s choices away as well but he chose the people who paid the most for the job. Where was this outrage when that was happening? Have you considered that having a different experience is also an assets to the candidate? Maybe Biden didn’t want an administration composed solely of old white men and as he is president, that is is his prerogative. You are free to dislike his choices, but as with most workplaces, the boss gets to make the hiring decisions.

    1. @Samuel Aquino first of all. how do you know its a he? second trump was the one that wanted to take insurance rights away from trans ppl. missouri banned trans ppl in playing sports. missouri is a red state and caitlyn is gonna fight along side people who dont even support lgbtq+

    2. @Callentay bc those companies dont wanna get cancelled lol. does those companies really support them, or they just want more money? in the game of business its all about marketing and lies. trump wanted to take insurance rights away from trans. lol

    3. @softified it’s a man. You seem to have forgotten Bruce Jenner. Second of all the GOP is not going to conform with delusional people that mutilate their body. If Jenner wants to fight along with us, he is going have to change first and we are happy to help him.

    4. @Samuel Aquino OHHHH you’re talking about Bruce/Caitlyn, I thought you were talking about the person I replied too. Now I’m curious, what do you mean by “have to change first”?

    1. @GB GB This post is 100% Pro-Trans. At the very least Trans-sectional. We know Jenner is capable of pushing people over divided (road) lines.

    2. @GB GB Saying someone caused an accident which resulted in the death of the driver isn’t transphobic just because the person who caused it happens to be trans. Grow up.

  1. No one needs Kardashian level of drama in our government we already had to deal with 4 years of a reality tv nut job

  2. Seriously the world needs out of touch, isolated, privileged easily influenced former celebrities to run for office to enhance their egos,not

    1. Kim Kardashian preps for bar exam in tiny bikini: ‘Studying in the sun’
      The Skims founder and ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star plans to take the California bar in 2022

    2. @Trollin Youtube this is California, we are the most liberal state go to Kentucky where they have a Democratic governor and leave us alone.

    3. @Julian Noguera liberal state that recalled its liberal governor huh? Hahaha. Take this L and enjoy my mute button

    1. @softified now you’re sounding like and alt right Alex Jones supporter.

      Let me guess you also think people should be judged by their character not their skin color

    2. No way, I can support another flip flop reality star. He complains about Gavin Newsom for going to a party with friends on pandemic. He created a deadly car accident because he was texting and driving the same time. SHAME. He must govern his own family before he governs California state. RIH GQP.

    1. yea let’s elect a VP who blocked the DNA testing of a black man that would have exonerated him

  3. Everyone thinks to run as Governor is like managing your Twitter account or your make up.

  4. Yes, let’s see the video of when she killed someone because she was texting. Maybe NOW the video will come out!!

    1. @LoveRose ButterflyLife we live in a free country, It means you have agency over your own body, get over it.

    2. @LoveRose ButterflyLife move to China if you want to live somewhere people aren’t given the pursuit of happiness

    3. @TG Agency does not mean we have to lie about this dude being a dude. He can believe he’s a woman all he likes. I will not help perpetuate his lie. That’s my freedom.

    4. @GM Freeman you’re right, you’re allowed to waste as much energy as you want complaining about about someone else’s choices. Have a good one

  5. We need people actually intouch with the communities of california, we need people who have proven experience working on the ground. No more corrupt disconnected politicians, we need public servants.

  6. Please don’t, there are so many people more qualified and have spend a large portion of their life trying to improve the community that deserve this job.

    1. Kim Kardashian preps for bar exam in tiny bikini: ‘Studying in the sun’
      The Skims founder and ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star plans to take the California bar in 2022

    2. @Anne* 411 I think both the left and right can agree that the day a Kardashian gets into power is the day America dies

    3. Tell me about it, She’s following the same success election story as Kanye ! She’s running as the GOP “politics is a drag Party” She’ll turn it into another Kardashian TV series no one wants to watch with the 2 part season finales. With her off and on again fling with Lt. Worf from Star Trek. Who is secretly one of the engineers from Prometheus.

    4. @M Priority= large amounts of money goes to all that plastic surgery. It looks like she had some recent surgery to her face. Well, actually, NO Kardashians seem natural to me. If you look at pictures of Kim before her face work, I think she before looked much prettier and natural. I think the more natural you look the more beautiful but you cant tell them that. Although some small surgery can help like I do think Tom Cruise looks better now without his ski bump nose and nowadays people probably forgot he ever had a ski bump nose, but I remember.

  7. We don’t need any Kardashians all up in the governor’s mansion. Let Jenner play a governor on a reality TV series.

  8. I had other reasons for moving out of my home state of 60 years…. but stuff like this reminds me I made the right decision

    1. @flipnotrab same here I can’t wait to leave California for good even though I was born and raised

    2. I just hope all of you California refugees don’t vote for the same stupidity in your new home states. Don’t ruin the rest of the country please.

  9. Oh God! And I thought we’d seen the last of the Kardashians and now they look like they’re going to be doing the same tasteless on a bigger stage. No, No, No!

  10. Her staff will include the Kardashians, cast of Jersey Shore, the winner of the Bachelor, and Flavor Flav. She will also host the annual Californias Got Talent Dance Crew singers in a mask survival in an island competiton.

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