1. @vutZARco wtf makes you think I’m a lefty?
      I’m a Libertarian, and actually a centrist if anything.
      I laugh at both sides .

    2. @Your Mouth Is My Fifi If you all are talking to me. I’m a member of the lgtbq

    3. @kim Q racism has “no value: anymore huh ? is that why you voted KLAN in 2020? How about your Magatards just admit what we all know.. You are all Neo Klan dregs… wtf do u think youre fooling?

  1. Being an extra on Keeping up with the Kardashians does not make you qualified to run a state, sorry not sorry

    1. @verna foster What’s so hard to understand about that? Trans have a massive advantage over female athletes, it’s plain science. It doesn’t mean somebody who’s trans couldn’t run a state better then the idiots running it at the moment, California is a joke now

    2. @K Arnold had been involved in local politics and a number of campaigns and propositions for a number of years. And even then he got less than 50% of the vote.

    3. @bngr bngr I thought you guys insist that Obama was the worst and most incompetent President in history?

    4. Pogo well that would be Carter. Now with Joe, he is in first place. But I fear that at one point Harris will do a coup against Joe. Then we are really screwed.

    1. You’d rather have Newsome??? You deserve him LOL! And all the problems he’s created for you.

    2. What, is sad, is “boys”, being bullied by a so called “man”. To, be a man. Pathetic.

    3. Also in a million years would I thought DemocRATS would have ever Stan along side violent MOBS

  2. That’s just what we need here in Cali…… another reality show personality. JUST SAY NO!!!! Get out!!!!

    1. @Dirty Red Yes the sanctions failed and China endorsed Trump in 2016 and also supported him in 2020 because they want him to keep destroying US alliances.

    2. @Barack Obama 44 I can’t seem to find any evidence of that anywhere, could you supply some?

    3. @Crius XI even NBC says different and how Biden helped segregationists. He still uses racial epithets to this day!

    4. @M Hall I wonder why Trump keeps taking credit for obamas accomplishments then. That’s just simply false anyway, Trump is the worst president in recent history and the most corrupt president of all time. It’s cringe when Cult 45 says otherwise.

    1. @MassonH IsGay
      Follow your own advice and you will be shocked when you see your own reflection.

    2. @MassonH IsGay because Joe Biden while senator believed in bipartisanship, something that the Trump Confederates do not promote. I know it’s hard for you to understand, you don’t belong in this country so you don’t understand our culture or our political system but we are a country of different opinions that work together for a better country. At least before the Confederates hijacked the republican party and turned it into western Al-Qaeda

  3. Caitlyn is Pretending to be so Conservative that She may End up Not Voting for herself.

    1. @Rod
      You just showed your discriminating prejudice. Against the lib’s. That’s irrelevant and petty. Why so hypocritical

  4. We really need to just stop pushing celebrities into central roles of government it’s always had a seriously negative impact when they succeed.

    1. @Johnny Bananas don’t. Well educated, make lots of money, beauty kids, I live in a red state. Feel sorry for anyone that lives in a state not willing to stand up to dementia joe and his squad.

    1. @K The LAST thing we need is another out of touch has been reality TV star with NO EXPERIENCE in politics.

    2. @Scott Martin Do you have any idea how hard it is to survive without a phone these days. Practicly everyone has a phone regardless of their housing status. & there are varying degrees of homelessness. Not all homeless live on the street. Some are what are called hidden homeless. They bounce around shelters & occasionally sleep on friends couches. But they are still homeless. They don’t have a place that is their’s, & they are at the mercy of others for a place to sleep. The hidden homeless population makes up a far larger percentage of the homeless population than the ones you see living rough out on the streets.

    3. @Else Where Ignore @Scott Martin he’s a Troll who doesn’t have a heart or soul. I wish I lived in the US so I could at least offer you my sofa. To crash on & a base to get yourself a leg up again. Keep safe & stay strong hon I really hope you get a break soon. Lots of Love from Australia.

    4. @V S Agreed. The LAST thing we need is another out of touch has been reality TV star with NO EXPERIENCE in politics.

    1. @fpskiller 123 EXACTLY! These hypocrit libtards would be 100% in support of Caitlyn if she was against Trump.

    1. @Noodles Foodles we got a transphobe here! just cuz i’m a gay mexican who love my trans sisters you trying to oppress me. buzz off nazi.

    2. @Justin Bourre I never addressed you personally at all. It’s not like it’s a secret that the good ol boy republican conservatives mentalities are against it, and hate people like Jenner here. As for whiney, the republican mentalities are the greatest oh poor us, everyone is out to get us and take our guns, cheeseburgers and freedoms BS constantly. The republican mentalities want to take more individual rights away from anyone and everyone who doesn’t fit into their warped self righteous and arrogant standards for what they believe Americans and human beings should be. I simply made a point about how their ok with Jenner because she praised that joke of a president Trump.

    3. Wake up? Hell I haven’t stopped laughing since (insert pronoun of SJW choice) said (pronoun) was running.

  5. Wow! She is a mess. Go away Caitlyn! And take those freak family members with you!

    1. Buckle up, Buckaroo. Get ready for more cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy from the Republicans!


    1. This is all just a personal agenda that doesn’t include any constituents regardless of party. She wants to use the trumpo masses. Anything affiliated with the uneducated unfit orange clown invokes Hate, Division, Violence and especially Racism.

    2. @Marine 1775 I thought you libs were “tolerant”? I’m laughing so hard! Your “identity politics” finally has you all twisted up on this one!

    1. ahahahahah where is your tolerance at you left libs, you all should be praising her, for her courage, o’h she doesn’t fit your commie narrative

  7. One of the stars of Keeping up with Kardashians is calling Gavin Newsom out of touch….that’s rich.

    1. Yes and you know what else is rich? She calls out political correctness and she called out the hypocrisy and there being a certain set of rules for certain people but nobody else, but what about her political correctness and hypocrisy? She doesn’t want transgender females participating in females’ sports. I’m going to address something that I’m tired of that nobody ever addresses. There are males who are physically stronger than females and there are females who are physically stronger than males, and lots of people acknowledge and applaud and praise these females all the time. Also males have double standards and they have advantages over females but people, especially females, always call that out, and females have double standards and they have advantages over males but either fewer people call that out or nobody calls that out, one of those double standards being that females always complain about inequality and double standards and they always say how they can do anything males can do, they are just as smart and just as strong as males, and they can participate in anything that males are doing, ANYTHING, and HEAVEN FORBID you say otherwise, females can join males in the army, the military, the navy, wrestling, and yes, sports, basically everything that people say females are at a disadvantage with when transgender females participate in females’ sports. And by the way, transgender males can participate in male activities including males’ sports and nobody bats an eye, you don’t hear anybody complaining when that happens. All that being said, I don’t really care if transgender females participate in females’ sports, since we’re all equal anyway. Complain about that Caitlyn.

  8. Canadian here: Quite literally tears coming out my eyes laughing so hard, sides hurt. They are so straight faced makes even more funny.

    1. @IMschleepcuh69 Great! The stores brought in extra supplies of beer and popcorn, there was a concern a while back, and laughing our asses off. GOP suppling great funny every day. Please do carry on.

    2. Oh just laughing so hard I think I’m going to puke for 10 years.

  9. He just figured out who he is..not sure if I could trust somebody who doesn’t even know who they are, or just figuring it out

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