Calif. Governor Faces Criticism For Attending Dinner During Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Calif. Governor Faces Criticism For Attending Dinner During Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Edit…to clarify: . He should’ve been called out. Like he was. Rightly so. Totally irresponsible & hypocritical. It’s irrelevant what political party he’s with.

    1. @whiterose150 and I guess in your eyes that makes it ALL better. The fact is he is trying to keep the citizens of California locked down while he does as he pleases. Apology not accepted.

    2. Oh, so now it doesn’t matter what political party he’s with but when it’s a republican or conservative it is made known throughout the entire video and the comments 🙄. Same goes for conservative channels. The hypocrisy.

    3. @3guys1girlandfetus Until you live in California, don’t call him a man. If you do live here, you would know how miserable life has been since he became governor….

    4. @Kat 77 he’s sorry he got caught, not sorry that he knowingly in view of other patrons of the restaurant failed to lead by example.

      This article is about the Governor of California not about Trump. They are separate but equal issues.

      The Governor of California is responsible for a population and domestic product of nearly larger than most countries in the world. Arguably the 4-5th most powerful person in the world relative to land mass, gross product, population, import export trade, technology companies, biomedical companies, and even military power.I believe that it is completely reasonable that he be held to a much higher account than the average bear.

      I think if Americans took just one day off from pointing the finger at each other, the world just might be a much better place and we all might get some perspective.

    5. @Joe Deus Hey, I agree, he screwed up big time. At least they’re not making a coin honoring his screw up like they did for Trump.

  2. This is exactly why some , if not most ppl don’t believe in government and those who are given those power’s. When you ask ppl in your state’s to follow the guidelines but then you yourself break it? Not exactly setting a good example now is it? Even an ” I’m sorry ” on the front page of the paper the next day ain’t good enough. Facts are , is that there are more Corruption at the very top than good. The republican party is a very good example of that. And when you still have ppl who voted for them to stay in power .. you know there’s something fundamentally wrong with the system. Worst is that not much action are being taken while allowing it to carry on. And you wonder why it’s so easy for someone like Trump to come in , manipulate and exploit it. Plus the fact that his base is growing day by day , year in year out .. America really gotta watch their own backs. The United States aren’t really being torn apart from the outside , it’s from within their very own.

  3. And this is not even a Thanksgiving dinner. People will think of this when they ask them to limit your thanksgiving to people in your household.

  4. Of course he’s going to attend that birthday dinner with the lobbyist, how else is the man going to get pay ?

    1. @exmike16 ive been to many countries around the world and believe me America isnt the most free or best country in the world to live. Only an American would believe that

    2. @ron point is we love it here and don’t want to travel to your countries so we are not missing out on anything.

  5. Again, we are falling into our old Democrat talking point of, “do as I say not as I do.” We seem to feel that we are the elites and above the little people and we do not have to obey the orders that we mandate.
    We had Nancy planning to have a huge dinner in the Capitol rotunda for newly elected house members as she and others are calling on Americans to cancel traditional thanksgiving with family and friends, not to travel on Thanksgiving, etc.
    We have been to the French laundry which is just down the road from the culinary Institute. It is a five-star restaurant, a magnificent place to eat and all of these top California officials including the governor violated his mandates. They should all resign.
    Democrats must set the standard and so far we are failing.

    1. Party of hypocrites. Don’t get me wrong. Republicans do just as much shady stuff. They just do the we know best, and grovel beneath our feet less than these cancel culture monsters

  6. Doctors and attorneys and lobbyists with union leaders live their style on our taxes with the help of politicians.

  7. MSNBC Reporter: Trump Rally Bad

    *1000s of people in close contact protesting and rioting*

    MSNBC Reporters:😎

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