California Governor Gavin Newsom beats recall vote in California | USA TODAY 1

California Governor Gavin Newsom beats recall vote in California | USA TODAY


The California governor was declared winner in the recall vote an hour before polls officially closed.
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Gov. Gavin Newsom easily fended off a historic attempt to recall him from leading the nation's most populous state, an effort that threatened to shift California's role as a liberal trendsetter and would have sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party.

Newsom, a Democrat who had been heralded as a potential presidential contender, found himself at the center of the country's divisions over COVID-19 and mandates aiming to keep people safe. He was applauded for his work at the beginning of the pandemic, leading the first state to shut down. But after months of tight restrictions and public flubs, that same work helped ignite the effort that led to the fourth gubernatorial recall election in U.S. history.

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    1. Elder believes slave OWNERS deserve REPARATIONS!! Any human who believes that will never care about homelessness, please.

    2. California dislikes trump inspired political hacks like Orin Heatly; they were on to his political hackery and sent him packing.

    1. Never say never. Keep fighting for the good let your voice be heard at all times never back down from the evil expose the evil within they will be destroyed they will be crushed because God is in control never forget that.

  1. The party that hates the poor and refuses to establish social safety nets suddenly cares about the ‘homeless problem?’ Talk about playing politics.

  2. We already knew this was going to happen. As long as the scum can continue to get away with cheating, there will never be a fair election again.

    1. That’s what they want for us to comply or leave!!!! Elections will never be fair in California, if we do not stand up to this slithering snake

  3. I held off moving out of California as the recall was the only reason to stay but I guess I’m packing my bags. Get well soon, California.

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