California governor Gavin Newsom wins in historic recall race | Just the FAQs 1

California governor Gavin Newsom wins in historic recall race | Just the FAQs


Gavin Newsom will remain in office following a recall attempt. Here's how his win could affect the future of California and the Democratic party. RELATED:

LOS ANGELES — Gov. Gavin Newsom easily fended off a historic attempt to recall him from leading the nation's most populous state, an effort that threatened to shift California's role as a liberal trendsetter and would have sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party.

Newsom, a Democrat who had been heralded as a potential presidential contender, found himself at the center of the country's divisions over COVID-19 and mandates aiming to keep people safe. He was applauded for his work at the beginning of the pandemic, leading the first state to shut down. But after months of tight restrictions and public flubs, that same work helped ignite the effort that led to the fourth gubernatorial recall election in U.S. history.

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  1. Newsom be like: Yes California is Home to the Highest Rents, Highest Taxes, Highest Crime Rate, Highest Gas Prices, Highest Homeless Population etc. Everyone should follow our example.

  2. My aunt lives there says this was a test run for 2022….and she’s a Democrat…they hate Newsome there …both parties.

  3. Seen video after video of registered Republicans going to vote only to be told that they had already voted. What’s really going on? The Democrats said the election was stolen in 2016 now 2020 looks fishy too. Seems like we need a new system to make sure that every persons actual vote is counted without the chance of fraud.

    1. Yeah, I heard that a lot of Republicans were trying to vote twice, once by mail and then again in person. Nice try, but the system is set up to stop those kind of cheaters.

    2. @Mark Green that is true and possible but Democrats have said the same thing before to think it is impossible to cheat an election is insane there are to many examples of it happening and American is guilty of doing it in other countries.

    3. My coworker is a democrat who supported the recall, and when he went to vote he was told him and his wife already voted.

  4. A big congratulations to Newsome on his victory!
    ** Quite an honor being named California Realtor of the Year! **

  5. Newsome and Democrats own every calamity occurring in once functional and once non dystopian California..
    Newsome being recalled, and a few months to fix nothing would have given them an out

  6. What’s funny is it obviously wasn’t historic number one. Number two in many locations when people went to vote they found that it was already recorded they had voted.

  7. Even the liberal associated press is having to admit the uncomfortable truth hidden at the end of their article “There were few reported problems with voting on Tuesday. A polling center in Tulare County was closed because of a wildfire, with voters redirected to nearby alternatives. And a poll worker at a West Hollywood voting site was removed for wearing a pro-Trump shirt, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office.

    In the Woodland Hills neighborhood last weekend, some people who showed up said they were told they had already voted, which the registrar’s office said was caused by settings on some computers used to check in voters. The office said those affected were allowed to cast provisional ballots, which act as placeholders until voter eligibility is determined. Similarly, a Newsmax reporter tweeted Tuesday that he was told he had already voted at an Orange County polling place. “

  8. And this is why people in business have fled California and record numbers. The state is literally sinking into the abyss. It is a cesspool. It’s so delicious to watch these people re-elect this guy and the state will sink further.

  9. How about not cheating? How about all the people that went to vote and we’re told they had already voted? Did they really count their provision votes? United States could never trust any election ever again. Wake up America it’s time for change

    1. Am so surprised you guys knows Mr Steven his news are everywhere how he increases people’s profit. I respect him so much.

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