California reparations task force limits eligibility for reparations | USA TODAY

California reparations task force limits eligibility for reparations | USA TODAY 1


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  1. 🤔 Well, I, personally, don’t feel that what California MAY possibly do in regards to Reparations nor what Illinois has attempted to do is actual real Reparations. All I see in both cases is a nice real small gesture just to appease those who are pushing for Reparations. Hoping their crumbs will be sufficient to quiet the voices. This country has had almost two centuries of having to deal with African Americans so it has learned very well how cheap it is to satisfy many of us….which is so very sad. Neither California nor Illinois are serious about the subject of Reparations. And, it’s very obvious to me that it’s highly possible that many of those who are pushing to get Reparations aren’t that serious either, because if they were they surely would not be so easily led on a path to no where. Many times when you choose to make a wrong decision things can come back to you and bite you. 😉🥴🙃

  2. Black people are very smart, intelligent and talented. In America they are becoming Judges, Vice Presidents,… smart black folks are rising up in America

  3. Ya, we’re the first city to give out reparations… Google Evanston I’ll. It’s paid for by our weed tax !

  4. It’s going to be hilarious when only like 600 people qualify! More people will figure out their family owned slaves, than this bill’s going to help!

  5. Bye Bye UKRAINE, bye bye USA, bye bye NATO, bye bye DOLLAR. Now RUSSIA will speak and YOU will listen. RUSSIA POWER. PUTIN BEST OF THE BEST. 🇷🇺

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