California Set To Reopen Portions Of Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

California Set To Reopen Portions Of Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that portions of the state's economy will begin reopening. Aired on 5/5/2020
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California Set To Reopen Portions Of Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. That’s because she wont be getting her free money and she’s a democrat and democrats hate the word work.

    2. @red is for freedom blue is for losers i can tell you have a very low iq with this comment you wrote

    3. barry Powell she and the rest of her leftist cronies have invested a lot of time in destroying America, she’s sad because we might recover

    4. Lmfao is people actually believe just the democrats are trying to destroy when it’s in fact trump, democrats and republicans are working together stealing millions from the american people, destroying the middle class, restricting your right as a free human being everyday with draconian measures. Those who believe in the fake paradigm of democrats vs Republican/Red vs Blue are ignorant or blind. We have alot of stupid people in this thread

    5. Or possibly tired of covering it. I’m sure she would rather see Americans get back to work instead of covering the same story every day. There are, a lot of other problems in this country after all.

  1. I’m just here for the liberal screaming too soon ! But I’m not surprised they’re not anywhere around now

    1. The name Morning Jose reminds me of the Jose guy who prank called C-SPAN Because Libby Casey said “Good Morning Jose.”

  2. Weird. When reporting Georgia re opening you could feel the vitriol and hate. And they were wild with speculation. When reporting on Cali just the facts? Hmmmmmmm

    1. @Trolly Trollsteen Yes, hair salons are very well known for close contact. i remember this one time I went to one and their were 14 hair stylists all piled on top of each other cutting one persons hair. you are right about restaurants too. It’s not like they came out with specific guidelines saying that restaurants have to practice social distancing or anything……..

    2. Face2wake just because they’ve been less impacted though doesn’t mean they won’t be as impacted as bad as another state. That’s the problem with the u.s. it should’ve just been one entire single lockdown order given from the federal government. This would’ve been over a lot more soon and more lives would’ve been saved.

    3. @Trolly Trollsteen Oh wait, they did exactly that. “Kemp released 39 requirements that restaurants must follow if they reopen, including a limit of 10 customers per 500 square feet (about 46 square meters) and all employees wearing face coverings “at all times.” Movie theater ushers were ordered to enforce social distancing.” Oops.

    4. Because Gavin is following in lockstep with the Globalist and Technocratic Orders just fine.

    1. Her District is in Marin County which is one of the wealthiest areas in California.

  3. California arrested and released a felon 3 times in 12 hours. Each time committed a felony but was released.

  4. Newsom doesn’t have a plan or “Phase 1 thru 4” he has already changed his “Phase 2” limiting what opens or not
    What a hack he is

  5. Plan-Demic only. .15% of the people in California died from coronavirus and that number was padded

  6. St John 3:16!
    JESUS is Returning SOON to carry His Church away in the RAPTURE! ALLELUIA!

  7. You can’t reopen until you send in you’re ballots this November, you know, for safety reasons. Only 180 days to go guys.

  8. What did Obama know and when did he know it is the real story msnbc won’t report because they are a puppet for the DNC

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