California Wildfires Crisis: The New Normal? | The Last Word | MSNBC

California Wildfires Crisis: The New Normal? | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


A new UN report warns that carbon emissions must be drastically reduced worldwide immediately or the likelihood of environmental disasters will increase. Cal Perry reveals how climate change is sparking record California wildfires and how planned blackouts might become a way of life to mitigate fire risk. Aired on 11/27/19.
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California Wildfires Crisis: The New Normal? | The Last Word | MSNBC

36 Comments on California Wildfires Crisis: The New Normal? | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. These wild fires should be addressed by the POS that’s in office, but he’s busy Tweeting and lying about his crimes to the press instead.

    • Look up Dr. Patrick Moore to learn the FACTS that climate change is just another of the Dems lies to
      gain total control of our country. The president has helped our economy, brought people back that were datained in other countries,
      helped rebuild our military, it goes on and on. It’s Thanksgiving be happy that we have a great president in office.

  2. Niagara Falls had the first commercial hydro generation in the world. I live in the Niagara Peninsula.
    I have never heard of any hydro installation that caused an outdoor fire. Planned blackouts is denial of service.

  3. OMG the answer isn’t trimming trees to protect PG&E’s lines. The technology exists for wind and solar generated electricity. Get working on that and let people who want to live in high risk areas build their own self-sustaining systems. The greedy mega corporation won’t get a piece and should not be protected by the government.

  4. I guess it’s time for Californian politicians to start spending their forestry budget to cut Fire-breaks like Trump and the experts have suggested instead of on “other things”.

  5. The irreversible damage of our climate from weather modification through GEOENGINEERING is the biggest threat we face from climate change as THEY continue to destroy the climates here and Abroad by Atmouspheric Aerosol injections spraying the skies daily 👀 LOOK UP

  6. I really really wish we would be on board with this. I especially wish that we had taken this serious twenty-thirty years ago. Everyone laughed at Al Gore and my heart was broken. This _will_ domino effect so bad that catastrophe will a good word to describe. We don’t have as much time as they predict. Head north asap.

  7. Electricity blackouts to help reduce fires? What about the people that cause them? What about fire safety at campgrounds? work sites? No other “wildfires” happen in other forested areas in the US just California. I wonder what’s really going on and who is orchestrating it.

  8. One way to solve the problem is to go to underground power, it’s more expensive initially, but you won’t get these fires, or be blamed for the fires that are started.

  9. Simple question, why do you guys still not have underground powerlines? Sparks don’t tend to fall on dry ground when they lines are under said ground…. Srsly ppl, it doesn’t take a genious to prevent many of these fires.

  10. _”The New Normal?”_ NO! What an ignorant question: if the wildfires accelerate climate chance there will be *no new* normal! Acceleration means: *it will ALWAYS become worse! MUCH WORSE!*

  11. For those who think underground is the answer: Yes, PG&E has been putting cables underground starting in residential areas. Especially the ticket areas. No, they don’t work fast enough and the areas with lower populations aren’t a priority for the business. Another problem is that California is hill country and the forested areas are especially hard to put all cables underground. I assume people making these comments are living in the flatlands. We can’t force PG&E to replace lines, we can fine PG&E all we want but then our rates go up. Not to mention we’re a pretty large state and the federal government owns a lot of the forested areas so we have little control there. Just think a little harder before you state the obvious about cables underground as if California just never thought of that before. And it’s a laugh to hear we all just need to convert to solar tomorrow. Yea, like your puny states can even accomplish that.

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