Calling Out Trump, Phony 'Undecided' Voters & Social Media With David Sedaris 1

Calling Out Trump, Phony ‘Undecided’ Voters & Social Media With David Sedaris

Best-selling author and New Yorker magazine humorist David Sedaris is known for his goofy, incisive essays. In this extended interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber, Sedaris weighs in on politics, why he thinks the media's obsession with so-called undecided voters is a sham, and how he personally lobbied a taxi driver to vote against Trump.
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    1. You guys need a yank to come over there and pick up your trash ? Doesn’t seem like we ( USA ) won the war

    2. @Carlos Carlos He’s brilliant! If it looks like he might be moving back to the US permanently, we’re going to kidnap him and keep him here!

    3. @Carlos Carlos You didn’t win. The Russians did and most of the dying was done by Russians. Millions and Millions.

    4. @Elaine Daprano I listen to Wait Wait every weekend for years and have NEVER heard Sedaris on that program

  1. exactly!! I was always annoyed by the un-decided voters. They just want attention or just want to feel important.

    1. Perhaps really just clueless? Like, can’t think for themselves clueless, as dumb but less dangerous than Dump voters?

    2. @mani Beer There’s nothing to think about when it comes to last elections. It was either bad or worse. Neither is the middle ground.

  2. Funny, I ALWAYS compared it to a decision between eating food and literal crap. Maybe it’s a Greek thing, to look at it that way.

    1. @faith nelson I’m one of them and idgaf what you think. It’s my individual decision to decide how I want to vote like everyone else.

  3. The “undecided” voter is a myth. These are just people that want attention, and they get too much of it.

    1. This guy wrote a book on Nothing. Voters always know how they want to vote. And they know if they don’t want to vote.

  4. thank goodness someone finally says what the rest of us is thinking about “undecided” voters

    1. That was the least funny part tho. I totally understand undecided voters. The aren’t party loyalists and they try to decide the lesser of the two evils. When they didn’t know how terrible Trump would be but knew how for decades HRC was derided, they voted for him. Fortunately many decided Biden would do better than Trump.

    2. @The Home Plate Special I think his point was that Trump and Hillary were such opposites that it was silly to be near election time and there still were people who were undecided.

    3. You think for yourself, really? Debunk my playlist and stop dragging us all down please

    1. My favorite answer was he made his mother laugh as she was dying. Reminds me of making my momma laugh on her death bed. RIP to our Mommas!

    2. The least you could do is get the quote right: “Public condemnation is best done swiftly and ignorantly” – Ari Melber (not Voltaire)

  5. With about 60% voter participation, the USA is hardly “the world greatest democracy”. I seem to recall in history class something about “taxation without representation”. Voting is without question the single most patriotic act an American can perform and yet the GOP is attempting to undermine elections at every turn. THAT is unAmerican.

    1. That’s a point i have been trying to wrap my head around for years, all the right cares about is the second amendment( which is extremely antiquated), they have all seemed to have forgotten about ” taxation without representation “.
      I certainly believe the later is much more important.

    2. “The world greatest democracy”, “the greatest country on the face of the planet” is just a phrase used as a propaganda tool, mostly by politicians, to make Americans “feel good” about their chauvinistic, and now almost nationalist, country. Sadly, may believe it and it becomes the status quo. When objectively looked at the USA, is it not even close. The statistics on many issues speak for themselves. So much suffering, unfairness, unhappiness and in particular, ANGER. When happiness is used as a measuring tool it’s not even in the top 10. And that’s self rated. A country that’s not full of happy people can hardly be called the “greatest”. Anyone arguing to the contrary is probably part of the problem.

  6. What a treat to see David Sedaris here. He is absolutely brilliant. He helps us see the world in so many different ways.

    1. @speedy 3776 The george floyd memorial was struck by lightning and reduced to a pile of bricks, located on the side of a bar called MugShots LOL Is God Racist?

    2. @TheHopetown Sounds like something jr said. And considering the bible was used to justify slavery it certainly has a background of racism

  7. He’s a smarter version of Homer Simpson—saying what most of us are thinking. And thank God for that! These things need to be said!

  8. Didn’t he write ” Me talk pretty one day”? That’s what I don’t understand about women who don’t vote. Read what women went through so ALL women can vote.

  9. I was hoping David would leave out the ” for Hilary Clinton ” when he offered to pay the taxi driver to vote. I was like,” David, Shhhh!!! They can’t know that part!”

  10. “Why are you looking at me quizically?”
    “I’m sorry. I don’t go on television very often, and I never know what to do with my face.”
    OMG, he’s a real person.

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