Calls for more resources as wildfire evacuations continue in Alberta

Parkland County Mayor Allan Gamble calls for more resources as evacuations could continue if hot and dry weather persists.

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  1. if any one has ever lived on a farm burning old hay fields is a common thing

  2. OMG come on someone setting these fires for pollical reasons. There is no way this many fires should be going on . We never had this many when we had that drought a few years ago.

    1. Most of the fires are close to main roads too. I’m sure many of them are non-intentional, but the obscene amount of fires in Alberta are questionable this close to an election.

    2. Most fires are accessible by road, all started within a week during a time when parks canada deemed it safe to have controlled burns. And.. no lightning. Seems very suspicious.

  3. For forest to remain healthy thy need to burn it’s part of natural cycle of the life of a forest

  4. I thought the federal government offered assistance at the start and Alberta’s premier refused it?

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