Calls for Ontario to ease restrictions ahead of July 2 1

Calls for Ontario to ease restrictions ahead of July 2


Experts weigh in on whether the province is ready to enter Step 2 of its reopening plan early.

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  1. repeal the state of emergency law. the province does not deserve such powers. the law is being abused and broke. this will never end unless it is repealed.

    1. It won’t be enough until all those who contributed — the politicians, public health officials, and journalists — to these crimes are prosecuted, and if convicted, serve lengthy prison terms.

    2. @W L Yes But if the perpetrators are allowed to get away with it, they’ll just change the law back when needed.

  2. Meanwhile Alberta will be in the 3rd stage of reopening , removing all restrictions, about the same time Ontario moves into the 2nd stage.

  3. Bureaucratic health officials out of touch… Ignoring real data that’s ever evolving. mayors and provincial government have become Addicted to power.

  4. If this doesn’t show the level of incompetence from the Ford government, I don’t know what does!?

  5. OMG these hospitals doing all the complaining have mobile hospitals set up in their parking lots and not dame person is in them. How can they say they would be over whelmed?

  6. If you wanna see action, stay home. Even after Government reopens everything. They’ll be begging you to leave your house in 3 months.

  7. Maybe the Ontario Hospital Association should do a better job treating patients instead of making Tik Toks.

  8. Your own immune system will do just fine, just ask any politician who had covid and recovered in less than a week without hospitalization. exposure is the trick not masking…

  9. Which Chief Medical Officer of Health? If it’s Kieran Moore, he’ll agree to any stupid decision that Ford thinks of making. Moore bungled the Phase 2 distribution of vaccinations in the Kingston area, and the Health Unit never really got around to enforcing any of the restrictions, (especially for Queen’s University students, who were supposed to be taking classes online). He cares nothing about “essential workers” getting any priority in vaccinations, (over 100 cases last month from one construction site outbreak). A doofus!

  10. This silly virus doesn’t seem to understand that it needs to go away because Canada Day, eh! smh

  11. Let performing artists work as well. One of the hardest hit industries continually forgotten about not only during the pandemic but always.

  12. Open the malls immediately. This makes no sense with the low infection numbers. Ontario is way behind the USA in terms of opening up the economy.

  13. These politicians dont live in the real world, many stores have an hour Plus wait just to get in due to the Lock down restrictions. They say buy local but make it extremely difficult to do so. The only business they are benefiting is AMAZON

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