Calls to legalise cannabis to boost tax income and save millions

Calls to legalise cannabis to boost tax income and save millions 1


A cross party group of MPs back a report that wants the UK to follow several states in the US where use of the drug is now allowed. Peter Lilley MP debates why cannabis laws need to be changed.

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16 Comments on "Calls to legalise cannabis to boost tax income and save millions"

  1. Better late than never, happy to see this finally being discussed on
    British news. This situation is beyond ridiculous.

    • Kevin H Your obviously a very closed minded individual who is speaking his
      mouth off on about something he has obviously never tried himself. Sure
      drugs which have real detrimental effects on our society should remain
      illegal, such as heroine, but psychedelics should be available at an
      individuals discretion, providing they are a normal functioning productive
      member of society of course. The idea that the government has the power to
      tell us what substances we can ingest into our own bodies is ludicrous. Yes
      the current supply of drugs comes from illegal operations and supporting
      these industries is terrible, however, is these substances were regulated
      by the government then this problem would be eliminated altogether.
      Criminalising drug users is a very bad policy as recent history
      illustrates, hence why other countries are starting to come round such as
      USA. Those who use these substances everyday due to addiction need help not
      jail time and those who don’t fall into this category should have the
      privilege of enjoying recreational use within the confines of their private

  2. INB4 Legalised and the sesh wars begin

  3. Matthew Mitchell | November 23, 2016 at 12:44 PM | Reply

    It will gradually become legal throughout the USA I believe, and then
    hopefully other countries will follow. But the UK should be pushing ahead
    with drugs reform and not merely waiting for the inevitable. Instead of
    passing stupid laws such as the Psychoactive Substances Act, there should
    be legalisation of drugs to allow people who do end up taking them to do so
    within a legal market without the problems inherent in the black market.
    Cannabis is a good start, particularly as the risks of the drug are low and
    people can easily see how strange it is that alcohol and tobacco are both
    legal and yet cannabis isn’t.

    • oh.. wait… and IF a human should decide to help this world being less
      crowded instead of dying like a old turd in bed, it should be their
      goddamned right to do so..
      excuse me very much!

  4. Legalizing it would raise tax ensure it isn’t mixed with toxic additives
    and free up the police to tackle more serious crimes. Cannabis has been
    associated with Schizophrenia so it may cause more of this and cost the NHS
    more to treat these people.

    • It doesn’t cause the schizophrenia itself, rather it can enhance the
      condition in those where it is already present or cause the condition to
      surface in those with a genetic predisposition to develop schizo.

    • +Matt Washer Yes that is true people who have a genetic likelihood of
      developing Schizophrenia are more likely to develop it if they are heavy
      cannabis users. No drug is safe and there are always risks involved in
      taking any drug but it is safer than alcohol or tobacco. It should be
      legalized but people should be educated about it before they decide to take

    • where are your studies????????Quit running your mouth and provide proof…

    • +PC Construction mk I have never heard of anyone being killed by cannabis
      it is not as harmful as tobacco or alcohol. It is crazy that it is illegal
      but people should be educated about it before they take it. I think
      legalizing it and taxing it would raise money for the government. It would
      also get rid of many drug pushers and free up the police to deal with other

  5. This news presenter is clearly biased towards it remaining illegal, not the
    sort of person who should be involved in a discussion about the pros and

  6. Can all the troublemaking junkies stay at those MPs homes too?

  7. well edited sky Jews

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