1. The issue at hand here is that CERB was given out without differentiating between net and gross income. An example would be that you have a business and you made $30k, but invested $27k back into the business. Your net income would then be $3k, and would make you ineligible for CERB. This isn’t about fraudulent claims.

  1. There should be clemency based on a case by case basis. If you knew you were committing fraud, then you should pay the penalty.

  2. They need to pay it back. Who cares what time of year it is. You took money that you were not entitled to.

  3. The problem is they gave huge amounts of money to company’s in secret. What about that corruption. You can take the money from the government stick in the bank and keep 10k from the loan. It’s laughable stupid

  4. loss income because government did crap job partial shut down allowing infected fly home to self isolate and roxham road where illegals from nyc etc where ccp virus hit hard were still allowed in

  5. I lost my job because of Covid and the CERB really helped me out, but now on Ei and am looking for a job, paying this back now would ruin me.

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