Camden's Crime Rate Is At A 50-Year Low, Says Commissioner | MSNBC 1

Camden’s Crime Rate Is At A 50-Year Low, Says Commissioner | MSNBC


After President Biden announced a new plan yesterday to tackle the rise in violent crime across the country, the crime rate in Camden, New Jersey has dropped dramatically to a 50-year low. Camden County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. and Camden County Police Captain Kevin Lutz break down how officers and the city worked together to reduce crime.

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Camden's Crime Rate Is At A 50-Year Low, Says Commissioner | MSNBC


    1. I have never seen an administration hate America and it’s people more than the Biden Adm. and I’m not even in the US.

    2. @Jezballz Is you don’t live in this country, keep quiet because you didn’t experience Charlottesville and the Insurrection under Trump’s leadership.

    1. Wait what: Camden is a democratic stronghold, its right across from Philly , another Democratic stronghold. Your comment makes no sense.

    2. @Fritzroy Walgreens closes 17 locations in San Francisco(Democrat) because of heavy shoplifting promoted by terrible Democrat policies.

  1. yeah right. the violent crime rate has sky rocketed since dems took charge. joe potatoe even stated that fact in the last few days. Libs 2020-defund the police. Libs 2021-send in the guard. what a bunch of blind pawns. God is watching and taking names..

  2. Exhaust all options before using violence .
    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you .

  3. As a Black man this is all most people of color want! Be fair, honest and hold yourselves accountable as a police dept. No need to “defund” the police but put more extensive time, effort and resources into the PROPER training and working with whatever community you’re in to build the trust…Props to Camden NJ 💪🏾✊🏾

  4. tragic that this approach is getting 1/100th of the attention of all others…

    excuse me, all others that all want to go the giulliani route!!

    tough on crime is a bumper sticker. communities coming first is crime prevention and it’s built on those who can sacrificing to just listen to those struggling. then committing resources to THEIR needs, that’s it!!

    but take a guess on which way things will go, and sure first two don’t count!!

  5. I grew up in camden in the fairview section. this shows that investing in training for the police, can and does work. they still have a long way to go, but they are on the right track.

  6. “Historically”, Stephanie? Not during the WW I & II years, when the Navy shipyard, RCA/Victor and Campbell’s Soup were the primary places of employment for the city’s residents. Know your history, Steph. Take away a primary source of employment, and blight occurs if you don’t replace it, or assist people in relocating to areas where their skillsets can be utilized. That’s what occurred in Camden and many other US major cities.

    1. I heard they still had gang problems back then, pitting the “Popeyes” (shipyard toughs), the “Victorolas” (RCA punks) and the “Chicken Noodles” (Campbells dirtbags, usually shortened to the “Chicks” or “Noods”) against each other in pitched battles over turf and beef ‘n barley concentrate.

    2. Just having a laff. Imagining burly wartime longshoremen taunting wimpy Campbell’s soupers. An RCA guy steps in and spins the latest hit platter to ease tensions and get everyone dancin’ the jitterbug.
      (Was the jitterbug a 1940s thing? Or was it the frug?)

  7. We spent trillions on wars but honestly cops like these that do God’s and Jesus Christ’s works should get compensated well. And the corrupt ones go to jail.

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