Campaign 2019 is the battle where truth goes to die: Don Martin


  1. were not going to ballon anythin out of proprtion with the liberals, they proved time and time agin there incompentence, to our homelessness problem, to the opiod crisis right down to the leaders inablity to carry a sentence with out soundling like a toddler. ohhh thats right his past experience is working as a teacher, no more proping up on your poster boy, hes a wreck, i need a count on how much of my tax dollars went into that guys gullen in whine and beve’s i cant afford a 6 pack once a month with the foolish hike in everything and the stale wages. hopefully canada can do what ontario did and send them packing, sad too he went into the last election with a oppertunity to change everything for the better instead of messing up every lil thing over 3 1/2 years then tryin to take the rest of the countrys funds and buying votes with theses programs that are all of a sudden so important. get out and vote this fall nd please keep in mind the next generation with your descion, we cannot keep finacially burying our country due to incompentence.

    1. Thanks for showing your knowledge of politics , they are conservative in name only and they are a centrist party so basically liberals .

  2. LAST WORD nothing but a biased liberal attach on andrew scheer, the next prime minister of canada and not at all like
    the host of power, don martin discribed him. he has not lied to canadians, he has not been involved in any scandals nor
    taken any illegal trips, he has not been found guilt twice of breaking intergrity laws. ralph goodall who posted this video
    from 15 yrs ago also voted against same sex marriage as did many other liberals. mr goodall should look in the mirror
    if hes looking for dirt to throw on behalf of his boss. the truth has already died, it srarted with trudeau last febuary ”the story
    in the globe and mail is false”. we later found out trudeau lied and continued to lie about his part in the snc-lavelan scandal.

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