‘Campaign is on’ even though writ yet to be dropped

The Strategy Session panel discusses whether the writ dropping matters when campaigning for the federal election is already underway.

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    1. @WTF Again? shhh…repeat after me, we WANT conservatives voting for Max, we WANT conservatives voting for Max…;) I try to leave Max fans alone.

    2. Agreed. Bernier is the only option in my opinion. Trudeau is a nut. Scheer isn’t even Conservative. Jagmeet is a Commie.

    3. @Alex 1 it’s mind boggling the PPC are not spending most of their time in ALberta and SK and MB where they have the best chance of picking up seats.

    4. @Rick Johnston why? there are so many conservatives out there, their actually satisfied with the current tories and Andrew Scheer?

  1. All the PPC supporters commenting here, self included, will probably have our channels deleted as suspected Russian bots. 🙄

  2. Yrs.and Yrs.and Yrs…Of back and forth between the same old couple of corrupt Parties…The Worlds changing..So Shld.We…Vote PPC…

  3. I wonder how many liberal operatives will be combing the internet blocking and deleting all negative comments related to the gropeminister and his ethic violations

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