‘Can I Pray With You?’: George Floyd’s Girlfriend Tearfully Recounts First Time They Met | MSNBC


  1. Musashi is my favourite philosopher, due to the concept that you can never truly judge a person because you have not lived the life they have lived, you do not know what made them and why. All you can judge are (in/)actions of the person.

    I don’t know if Floyd was a good or a bad man, but the cop at the time didn’t know it either way. All I can judge is his actions, yes he resisted arrest but it was in no way enough of a reason for that unproportional response, a response that killed him.

    My heart goes out not so much to Floyd, but to all the other voiceless people across time, for all those who died without anyone filming it. Still, the dead deserve respect, rest in peace.

    1. Resisting arrest is what any sadistic cop can claim for any action at all if they want to escalate the situation and make things worse for the person they are arresting.

  2. Ouch. Fair skinned girlfriend. I bet the defense didn’t see that coming. In all seriousness, my deepest condolences for George’s family and loved ones

    1. @Ro G Thankfully from what I understand once he’s inside he’ll be facing a harsh brand of justice. I don’t think he’ll last long- and I have a feeling that Kyle rittenhouse punk is gonna be getting the death penalty even if he’s aquitted. Either way he will never be free- if he’s aquitted he’ll have to carry his assault rifle with him to go get the mail and probly die a virgin cos any girl (or boy) will be like “you look familiar- aren’t you that kid that shot a bunch of innocent people?”
      On the plus side, if he goes to prison I doubt he’ll die a virgin 😉

    2. @Frankie Salatino those who focus on race might think it will have a larger impact but you know people like me don’t gaf about their skin. I’m interested in facts and nothing she has to say is relevant to what happened that day

    3. @Frankie Salatino funny that you must think someone white who speaks creators more power than anyone else. Got to be hard feeling like a poor victim all the time

    1. He is. Even if he’s found innocent, everyone knows his name and who he is. His life is basically over.

    1. All life matters and all you people do is divide. Hear all the facts, not the money game talk.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how all those who backed tRump calling kneeling athletes SOBs are all the sudden pro kneeling when the knee happens to be on the neck of another human being.

    1. @Paul George We’re talking about Dem and GOP reactions here. Did Trump “conjure up” the looters and rioters last summer too?
      “Come on everyone! Let’s steal some Nikes for Georg Floyd!”

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson which is funny because in my city they destroyed a hundred businesses, half of which are black owned. Nothing says “justice” like committing crime. Personally, I absolutely love it. These autistic looters are destroying the liberal cities that support them. LOL.

    3. @Nightshade __ I don’t think destroyed businesses is a laughing matter, but I get the point you’re trying to make I think

  4. The thing that most people don’t realise about big guys is we usually have big hearts and we don’t always play up to our size. We actually try to shrink to make others feel comfortable in our presence.

    1. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII he wasn’t doing that when he was murdered. And I didn’t know that being suffocated on the pavement by city cops was a state-sanctioned punishment for that crime.

    2. @Athena SuperHeldin just for arguments sake let’s say he didn’t home invade a pregnant woman (even though his prior convictions prove he did)

      What exactly makes me a racist?

    3. @RLS1976 he wasn’t murdered the toxicologist report shows he had enough fentanyl and meth in his system to overdose a small elephant.
      Do you know how deadly fentanyl is?

    4. @DrSteve J may your life lessons carve your stone within the nothingness you crept out of!. Only Demons troll Good guys! ….. away from here Satan. You And your minions have no place in this Space!.

    5. @DrSteve J you Are weak with no Knowledge nor true wisdom! You Are the Less enlightened!. the crab in the bucket. The walking dead spitting maggots everywhere…. away Satan your time is UP!

    1. Don’t count on it, if the jury finds him guilty, he’ll get off on appeal. The police union will make sure of it

    2. Hope and pray not guilty and give him his badge an job back an get paid restitution from fentynol floyd family too

    1. Your actually wrong about that. If you look at his criminal record he was convicted of armed robbery. He jammed a loaded pistol into a pregnant woman’s stomach and robbed her house.

    2. Yeah, I keep seeing that. I guess all the notes that the defense had about painting him as a angry drug addict black man are going to have to be shredded tonight 🤷🏾‍♂️

    3. @AgentBubbles … how dare you challenge the Myth of St. George with facts!! So full of hate! 😝

  5. Evil always cost pain for human beings,. I hope that evil man don’t cost any more pain,. Go to jail for ever,. I’m women and I can’t imagine what this woman is going through,. Let alone his family. So much pain

  6. This case is so remarkable the way everything played out in court today.

    You really saw just how badly the system is broken.

    George and his girl being Hooked on Opioids highlight’s another massive problem in America

  7. Kudos to her for being brave enough to take the stand for her man. He would be so proud.
    Justice for George Floyd ✊🏾

    1. @MrJustinfb You mean the American health care system that doesn’t provide therapy for chronic back pain?

  8. “Can I Pray With You?” this absolutely breaks my heart. It makes me cry so much.
    George Floyd you were a good man that has changed so many people just by being who you were.
    I will always remember your name. I will always remember you comforting this woman and asking to pray with her. God Bless your family and loved ones.

    1. He used that as a pickup line to get her number and some booty and only lives he changed were not for the better

  9. This happened to this angel of a man for a reason. Perhaps to change the world in a fundamental way. The angel vs the turd.

  10. The moment of talking about their meeting brought back memories of her butterflies in her stomach. The happiness…the good times….you could see that with in her.
    Rest in paradise Mr. George Floyd
    May God look over your family

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