1. As an Ontario resident, I think this is a great strategy. He should tie the Ford Government’s policies and principles to the same principles of Andrew Sheere.

  2. 250% carbon tax!! we love trump in ont. trump 2020, go trump rip canada to pieces we deserve it for selling out to tax haven acc holders. welfare for everyone thank trudeau
    figure it out voters universal income can come in a subsidy cheque.

  3. Ontario…where they forget the billions wasted by the Liberals. This province was a dumpster fire well before Ford.

    1. But he’s spending more and we’re getting less.
      Also gas stations that don’t put up government propaganda could receive up to a $10,000 fine. Even if you agree with the message that should make anyone uncomfortable.
      Also also wasting tax payers dollars on ONN to just report the government spin. That is insane. Just saying the province was in bad shape before does not justify the behavior of this government. It’s only been a year and I can’t wait to throw the bums out

    2. @Devon Di Marco no he’s not. You have a computer just look up “Ontario liberals spending on nothing”… But here’s an excerpt..

      “Liberal government spending from 2003 to 2018 turned Ontario into one of the world’s most indebted sub-national governments and, for a decade, technically, a “have not” province when it came to federal equalization payments.

      By the end of their rule, the Liberals had turned their annual budgets into a farce, where the promise of three years of balanced budgets in their 2017 budget suddenly disappeared, to be replaced by six years of deficits in their 2018 budget, the last one before they were defeated.”

      Can’t expect Ford to turn it around in a short time with the incompetent liberal governments before him and on the Federal side.

  4. McGuinty, Wynne , Butts, Ontario trashed after 15 years ruling by lieberals, enough said, and enough of the liberals policy and propaganda

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