Canada banned direct flights from India. The transportation minister explains why | COVID-19 crisis 1

Canada banned direct flights from India. The transportation minister explains why | COVID-19 crisis


Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra discusses the latest restrictions announced by the government on travel from India and Pakistan.


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  1. This guy lost me when he opened boasting about Canada’s protective measures since the beginning, what a clown show! All he’s missing is a flower that spurts water from his pocket

  2. OMG – if the measures were working, we would not have the variants here. The India variant is in BC and Alberta, and probably elsewhere. There is no point in talking when we can SEE that the measures have not worked. Close the borders – do what Australia and New Zealand did. Just close the airports for three weeks – this is about money.

  3. the damage has been done,, its to late , liberal negligence ? keeping Canadians safe ??????? the variants have been delivered by Air CANADOOO

    1. there’s no comparison between Pakistan and India. India is no.1 country with covid while Pakistan is on 15 spot, India have more then 16 million cases while Pakistan have only 770k (not even 1 million). I understand putting India on this list but i am surprised to see Pakistan on this list.. something tells me about Trudeau’s intentions….

  4. This variants gonna wreak havoc on canada n the blood is gonna be on this guys and trudeaus hands

  5. What about connecting Flights from India / Pakistan into Canada. Was this addressed as well Mr Minister.

  6. Respected officials . Please put a halt on all incoming flights until Canada stabilize its ground health chaos . It looks like These new covid variants will enter Canada with few cases and spread into many more waves smh . Only a few emergency urgent situations travellers should be allowed with strict restrictions ….

  7. Omar: I challenge you to tell me which country has more strict measure!
    Anchor: New Zealand and Australia
    Omar: they don’t count. Next.

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