Canada considering new travel measures as India COVID-19 infection rates surge 1

Canada considering new travel measures as India COVID-19 infection rates surge


As India grapples with soaring COVID-19 infection rates, the Canadian government is considering additional measures to prevent further spread of the virus from international travel.

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  1. Risk assessment…. by the time they make a decision , it will be too late!! Like everything else they have done this entire pandemic. Pathetic

    1. @0xsergy
      What is? The super duper serious variant? Ohhh noooo! Cause they were wrong about the original virus but this new one is extra super crazy scary!!

    2. @Shawn Dowdall
      And I’m supposed to know who this is? You’re malfunctioning again. You better check the list of government approved insults because that one was weak

    3. Unfortunately, predicting every possible outcome and preventative measure is impossible. Repeating the same mistakes is possible

  2. Only a year too late. Plus JT just gave Air Canada a big loan (although they were previously going to buy another airliner), no way he’ll shut them down now.

    1. He said that there are “other scientific things” they can do without stopping flights.. said it in parliament yesterday but the news wont show Canadians that… it was live on safe space cafe yt channel… only ch to show parliament.

    2. They aren’t shuttting down Air Canada just any routes from India which are alomost all Air India

  3. Consider? Why? It’s already to late! It’s like closing the barn doors after the horses got out!

  4. All talk when most countries are closed from India. Waiting for JT to wake up from
    his dance to make a decision? We are waiting!!!!!!

    1. Ever heard of connecting flights. Just fly to Turkey and then to Canada. Trudeau has now stopped flights from India but this is just to pacify the bitchers.

    2. @Canadian Nomad just to make things clear…JT only cares about votes of “certain” type of Canadian Indians. He doesn’t love Indians. Also, Indians don’t love him. Indian administration gave him cold shoulder when he visited India. Relations between India and Canada were stronger during Harper times.

  5. Still considering, fine, wait until the number flIes on the sky high. The reason why they haven’t done this is there are so many ethnic Indian politicans in the house. All the Canadians are paying the price for such no-action because of those politicans.

  6. holy crap, now they’re really concerned? if they put serious flight restrictions like 6-12 months ago, we’d be much better off.

    1. @Canada Lettuce Nope but we did suffocate most small businesses while putting tons of money into multi national companies that extract our money

  7. Meanwhile flights from India continue to fly in while JT decides what where he’s going to stash the carbon tax…………….

    1. @Cosmo Ray now they have a triple mutant variant as well. So now we have UK, Brazil, south Africa, 2 indian and also Texan variant. Its all because of not following social distancing rules. Soon the vaccines will be useless.

    2. @j john
      Are you being sincere? Omg dude you will believe anything the TV tells you to believe.
      How many genders are there? Just curious

  8. Yeah weeks to late wile they have already let in the latest deadly variants. Welcome to another summer with provincial boarders closed wile 100 planes a day come into canada.

    1. Not all the fault of airlines, they actually do testing before boarding lol. Only the independently wealthy think it’s ok to stay in the basement while blaming everyone else

    2. @poo dilly airlines are losing billions, i dont blame em for flying. Trudeau is a smoothbrain and a half though

  9. By the time these guys finish their “active consideration,” it will be too late. The variants will be loose in the community and spreading.

    1. That fits their MO though. Drag their feet so that variants get in then extend and/or increase restrictions because of said variants.
      Rinse and repeat to have a subjugated populace.

    1. Again, this is all about reducing your ability for travel, thusly reducing your individual carbon emissions. This has been the impetus of this manufactured health crisis all along,

    2. At this point, they are literally telling the public that they consider them to be idiots and trust that they will accept whatever stupid decisions they make on “their behalf”.

  10. so we can not go any where , but flights continue to roll in every day from other country’s, madness…. pure madness

    1. Again, this is all about reducing your ability for travel, thusly reducing your individual carbon emissions. This has been the impetus of this manufactured health crisis all along,

    2. Yes, I agree but it should be band from all over the world. Year ago there were not that many cases in India. Whenever they seen cases from any country they close it. I believe they should close border completely just like Australia. No entry for anyone..

  11. 18 months into this and all that Canadians have been through and they’re just now considering new travel measures.

  12. There should have been zero internationl travel unless absolutely essential period . Mind blowing. They completely created their own monster.

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