1. Trudeau: Gets COVID
    Government: Drops all mandates

    I’m not complaining, just stop pretending this had anything to do with science.

    1. @Blakpepa you just said exactly why I cant come home. Its just testing and quarantine, but you can still come home, if you submit to this and this………..how is this freely leave and return?

  2. I guess Trudeau does not want to get in trouble for crossing the border having Covid… Timing is impeccable for him once again

  3. I think even the most die hard lock down mandaters can see through this now. Anyways, how’s the emergencies act hearings going ?

    1. @R FastKats Just like the hundreds of hours of livestreams of the trucker protest freely available on YouTube which showed it was entirely peaceful.

  4. Trudeau should be sent to a quarantine hotel on his own dime and given the same food and consideration he gave other fellow Canadians!

  5. It sounds like their setting the stage for more covid drama in the fall! Oh boy…I can’t wait!

  6. So they want everyone to leave but now cannot come back to the country makes sense, not like we need the tourism industry

    1. I agree, drop all mandates! Gosh, I am a 70 year old woman, caught the virus, went to bed, and recovered. No meds either. Feel healthy, no complaints at all. Why do they NEVER EVER mention the recovery rate??!!

  7. Only 11 seconds into the baloney LeBlanc had already said “safety” twice and “we know” once.
    This arrogant government needs to go.

  8. well according to our constitution and charter rights it was never the governments right to restrict those rights, PERIOD.
    so… instead of thank you, how about a %$^^$#@÷$$

  9. How about reimbursing Canadians who lost their job and suffered damaging financial losses …that would be a start

  10. He might as well have said “We can now open up because we are looking stupid if we dont relieve the pressure at the airports” haha.

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