Canada experienced the largest monthly drop in job lost in over a decade: Nanos

Canada experienced the largest monthly drop in job lost in over a decade: Nanos 1


Nik Nanos of Nanos Research takes a look at the numbers as over 70 thousand jobs were lost last month in Canada.

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28 Comments on "Canada experienced the largest monthly drop in job lost in over a decade: Nanos"

  1. What do they expect of socialism.

  2. It’s just shocking that Trudeau’s socialism has turned out to be toxic to our economy.

  3. Thanks for voting the Librano’s back in central and eastern Canada.

  4. Not surprised, west needs to separate.

  5. Building the economy from the heart out…?

  6. eliminate the C02 tax money will not fix climate change

  7. Thanks for voting Soyaboy Ontario!

  8. Christopher Wojciechowski | December 14, 2019 at 4:52 PM | Reply

    All this tells me that Trudeau doesn’t even know what he’s doing.

  9. And Trudeau will continue his collapse of western Canada.

  10. They need a civil war too

  11. It’s the mangina you Canadians voted for.

  12. To bad this wasn’t release in October before the election. What a disaster re-electing the liberals was

  13. Bugs Bunny is the best | December 14, 2019 at 6:34 PM | Reply

    How do they help middle class? I’m an Albertan who applied for ei on Nov 8th. Still NO decision made on my claim! I have 3 kids, gonna be a merry Christmas. I’m asking for a firearm from Santa

  14. The Liberals just touted about how strong the Canadian economy is and how the middle class is strong and those trying to stay in… oops I mean join it.
    Alright that’s it, I never thought a politician lied before but im questioning it now.

  15. Wexit just gains more momentum.

  16. ab needs to escape asap.
    do they all have Stockholm’s syndrome?

  17. Wait we need Western Canada what???

  18. Don’t ya just love the helping the middle class .
    Working hard for you
    And then their off for a two month vacation on your dime where they will dream of their life time pensions for a three year job. While stepping over a homeless vet on the way for there Christmas bonus.

  19. Combined with the highest insolvency rates in over a decade … the future looks anything but bright as the Liberals push spending even higher.

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