Canada exploring evacuation options by land, and sea | Federal update on flights out of Sudan

Defence Minister Anita Anand provides an update on the efforts to evacuate Canadians from Sudan.

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  1. They certainly learned nothing from Afghanistan did they?
    Oh wait it’s mechanical right? Proving they are wasting all our money proping up ukarine at the expense of Canada’s needs ?

    1. We must send money and tanks and ammo and APC’s ( Armed Personel Carrier) tampons an serviettes and maybe a Rapporteur to rapport on the situation build schools for little girls . We must repatriate translators , we need Arabic to Sudanese dialect and vice versa. Besides sending our frigates over there what about other parts of the world needing them , what about Kanadaistan a country poorly equipped militarily , yeah what about them , we reckon

  2. CGTN The Point interviewed Seymour Hersh, regarding Nordstream 1+2. Richard Medhurst investigating Sudan and the real story

  3. Why is the minister working from home? Isn’t this gouvernement asking public servants to return to office?

  4. Given that we may not have any Air Force planes that can fly, what about Joe’s Cessna in Kelowna.

  5. Finally, the evacuation of Ottawa!!!
    Canada is better off without politicians and supposed civil servants…………
    …oooh Sudan.

  6. Our illustrious Liberal Government couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
    As usual , they sat on their hands hoping, expecting, our allies to do the heavy lifting.
    I am very tired of Trudeau and his incompetent ministers.

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