Canada has 'no plans' to recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan's government: Trudeau 1

Canada has ‘no plans’ to recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s government: Trudeau

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the government has 'no plans' to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

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    1. Shame …to history buffs …he looks like a fool … He doesn’t even know How we got into Afghanistan using the flawed Brzezinski doctrine( yes Mikia’s Dad ) …it was a flawed and short sighted from day one , never considered history , culture , local politics , supply line lengths …long term destruction of money supply ..even worse …Dummy doesn’t know Afghanistan was used as a pivot point to stop Creation of Eurasia

    1. He is one of the worst president of Canada, if he does not recognize , Canada has to take millions of Afganistant refugees in his country because many have worked for the West .

    2. What the hell are you talking about? Canada elects Prime Ministers. Nice to know rubles are not going to your education.

  1. With Justin Trudeau as PM, it should shock no one that he has no plans. Plans take time, work and effort to develop. Mr. Vacation doesn’t have that type of focus.

    1. @Peter Pelly Why do you call this a report? No difference between his and the Talibans. Thems his words. Who cares what this piece says.

    2. @Al’s Room Pretty sure the Canadians who are going to re-elect him cares about what he has to say. “Thems his words” ??

  2. After Sept 20, The former great country of Canada will have no plans to recognize the joke, formally known as Prime Minister justin trudeau.

  3. Trudeau already invited the Taliban into canada through mass immigration so it is quiet shocking to hear him badmouth his voter base like this.

  4. Hard to believe anything this person says , he may put on his costume and visit Afghanistan before Christmas . Maybe do a little dance for the camera .

    1. This deranged system can only be enforced through brute force and military occupation. The natural order returns very quickly when it all falls apart.

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