Canada needs to start preparing for a third wave now | ICU physician gives warning 1

Canada needs to start preparing for a third wave now | ICU physician gives warning


ICU Physician Dr. Hassan Masri says strict restrictions have helped lower cases, but variants can make infections skyrocket in days.

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  1. Those forced mask really works distancing too its been a year with curfews so deadly you gotta get tested to see if your sick ?

    1. u need to test to see if your diabetic as well otherwise by the time u figure it out from having symptoms. often times ur dead. same with cancer right, often times you wont know if you have cancer. unless u get some diagnostic test. or well its too late.

    1. you wouldny mind if it warm look at how australia handled there case lods when it id summer time down there would you wanna follow there rules in canada?

  2. the 3rd wave will be nothing compared to the 4th,,however the 7th wave will almost be as bad as the 10th…then wait for it the 1077th wave will be bad also..

  3. How can all these “reporters” just go along with all this? They have to know deep down that this is nothing more than a bad flu,why cant they just do their job and report the truth? Because their “jobs” are more important whether it’s the truth or not.

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