Canada 'prepared' for forceful response if U.S. electric vehicle tax credit passes 1

Canada ‘prepared’ for forceful response if U.S. electric vehicle tax credit passes


International Trade Minister Mary Ng speaks on Canadian response if a proposed American tariff on electric vehicles passes.

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  1. They have a Canadian in Silicon Valley who is / has built 1 that flies! Why are we not building electric cars of our own in Canada?
    Are we always going to be the bullied child of the U.S. ?
    I certainly hope not! Enough already !

    1. Building the car here is easy. Building the business here based solely on the domestic market is nearly impossible. The Canadian market is too small to support a captive domestic manufacturer. There has to be a viable export market. Same issue for many Canadian industries and businesses.

  2. She can’t name an action her government would take as a response. Any American watching this pathetic performance will know the current Canadian government will do nothing in response to them slapping a tax on Canadian built cars.

  3. Have these “ministers” not been parents? Tell a child to do a certain thing or else, and then don’t follow through with the promised punishment or repercussion, and the child soon loses all respect for that parents “threats”. I bet the American’s are shaking in their boots! “A strongly worded letter”…Yikes! Sounds scary.

  4. We’re gonna retaliate? What are we gonna do, send Trudeau over wearing his angry socks? She said absolutely nothing. The drama teacher in charge is a joke.

  5. I absolutely loath a politician or public official that can’t/won’t give a straight answer to a straight effing question, you appear dishonest af, kudos to the reporter.

  6. You can’t touch that ev tax credit, it has strong bipartisan support and it’s aligned with meeting emissions reduction goals. Drop this fight and get creative Canada.

  7. This is against the agreement in USMCA trade Agreement which outlines vehicle manufacturing and automobile trade, electric automobiles should not be an exemption and I think under a last chance effort they could take it to an independent arbitrator under Chapter 19

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