Canada ‘prepared to play any role’ to support peace in Ukraine: Mendicino

Canada 'prepared to play any role' to support peace in Ukraine: Mendicino 1


    1. Canada can help this situation by refusing to arm and train extremist militias and not supplying them surveillance drones to help them ethnically cleanse Russian speakers. 13,000 Ukrainians in 8 years killed.

  1. We haven’t even kept our peacekeeping promises for the last 6yrs. But now, we are to believe Trudeau is going to start keeping his promises.

    1. “Peacekeeping” is training and arming extremist militias to ethnically cleanse Russian speaking Ukrainians in Donbas?

    1. Ukraine is Europe’s poorest most corrupt country, I am sure Zelensky has his millions in a safe third country…and for sure the Hunter Bidens have sucked Kick Back Billions out of Ukraine

  2. The Canadian backed government in Afghanistan not only allowed bacha bazi to continue, they participated in it as well; and Canada did absolutely nothing about it…

  3. What a well informed, enthusiastic guest! Speed is of the essence. Get on it and stay on it. I hope nothing impedes his progress.

  4. They have been saying this banter over and over from the start and their help for Ukraine gets lesser and lesser.

    1. the liberals are saying they are going to help, but we need more money to do it….then, send no help at all and take that money and deposit it into their own private bank accounts

  5. Trudeau must be embarrassed more times than not, Canadians do nothing but whine and cry about everything, Ukraine needs help quit your complaining its embarrassing.

    1. “Trudeau must be embarrassed more times than not”. But NO! This is his exact problem. Trudeau simply does not possess the emotional capacity to feel embarrassment, shame, humiliation or guilt. From this, he is incapable of learning or adapting. He’s a Psychopath!

  6. Ukrainians and Canadians alike should have some solace and feel confident that our male feminist leader is taking action.

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