Canada responds to Pfizer vaccine delivery delay 1

Canada responds to Pfizer vaccine delivery delay


Here’s what Minister Anand, Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin and PM Trudeau say about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shortage and vaccine supply in Canada.

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    1. Israel ordered after Canada. They are 25 % done. We are at 1 % Obviously Trudeau and this minister either screwed up or low balled the price.

    2. @69Mach I CJ Or the Lieberals were overly greedy with their cut of the action. No money to be made with Oxford Astra-Zenica.

  1. We should put a drama teacher / snowboard instructor in charge of this mess. Cause that’s the smartest thing we can do?

    1. How is that relevant at all? Was he supposed to be born a prime minister? I’m not even a fan of his but this observation is just pointless

    2. @Hazen He was put in place due to misguided and misinformed sentimentality. The most corrupt and inept I’ve ever seen.

    3. i’m definitely not a fan, but maybe if he was getting better guidance things would have worked out differently.

  2. September. Do you have any idea how much damage and deaths will occur by then? There is no way in hell Canadians will spend another summer in lockdown. You think what happened in Washington is bad? You wait…

  3. Hey don’t rush every day more proof out there regarding reactions incl deaths by this vax Don’t guineapig up , assess risk prior, Demand public listing of all reported side affects by case incl outcome. DO THE MATH THEN DECIDE

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