Canada sending more military weapons to Ukraine | Canada’s support to Ukraine

PM Justin Trudeau says more military weapons will be sent to Ukraine and announces new agreements to support the country.

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  1. What about the Trudeau Foundation mass resignation of it’s board of “ directors “. I wish these reporters would ask Trudeau some real questions,not ones that he has an answer all worked out, no umms or aahs.

    1. Two very different things. The fact you think like that means your probably not competent enough to own guns

  2. What has the government of Ukraine ever done for Canada to receive endless financial and military aid?

    1. @Ashton Wells because it’s not our war and we have enough Canadians living paycheck to paycheck that can’t afford homes

    2. ​​@Deft One well this war is driving our cost of living up somewhat, so defending ourselves from Russia through Ukraine could possibly help with that, it could fail too though. I will say though I understand your frustration.🤬🤯

  3. I wish Canada would stop. It’s not enough that we’re already accepting Ukrainian refugees on behalf of our tax dollars while we also have our own living and emergency expenses to pay for as well?

  4. Yeah, let’s contribute to their pensions 😂. I’m sure those relying on CPP in this country would like a bit of that as well

  5. billions of dollars, im sure that would be enough money to pay our veterans more. but we dont have any money. billions of dollars, im sure that would be enough to figure out our homeless problem, but we dont have any money. the fact of the matter is, this guy is unwilling to spend money on anything that doesnt directly turn into votes. his conduct disgusts me.

  6. Hooray Canada !!!! ..i’m a more proud Canadian with every bit of help that we offer to Ukraine !!!!!!

    1. I fully expect Trudeau to come out as trans any time soon. Really it won’t be much of a difference in the end.

  7. He better slow down on the free anything. Trudeau should be concerned about Canadians before he offers anything to anyone. This is absolutely ridiculous, peace should be the only result. Their not a Nato country for christ sakes, and we won’t be either unless we take care of our own military service’s. Peace talks should be a requirement for funding in the future. This conflict has gone on for far to long the world’s had enough.

  8. considering the condition of canada’s economy, they would be better sending toothpicks instead of devalued and hence irrelevant paper money

  9. Maybe you could send some of that money to the Regular Canadian Armed Forces!

    I am sure they would enjoy some modern day weaponary too!

    Oh well I guess the Canadian Public will understand when they send 13 million Canadians over sea’s!

    This is what the Canadian Government “OF” Canada calls the draft!

    Reading history books would help Canadians understand the 70 year cycles of Governments!

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