Canada should pay attention to U.K. as delta variant cases start to spike: doctor 1

Canada should pay attention to U.K. as delta variant cases start to spike: doctor


Dr. Fahad Razak says Canada needs to pay close attention to what's going on in the U.K. as the delta variant causes cases to rise.

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  1. Just incase you forgot to be afraid today… Remember: Big government is the only thing that can save you!

  2. Check out the news in India. They are using alternative methods to treat Covid patients with success. You won’t hear that in Canada.

    1. Cases are down enormously in India. Which is exactly why it’s dropped out of the news. Can’t panic the public about cases dropping.

  3. Trudo, where the heck you found that “doctor”? What is that “doctor” was doing before you drugged him into your Canadian “paradise”?

  4. >china virus _racist_
    >indian variant _this is fine_
    >U.K variant _this is fine_
    >south african variant _this is fine_
    >brazilian variant _this is fine_

    1. I really think Trudeau is trying to sieze power anyway he can, so the Feds are trying to manipulate Covid info and use scare tactics.

  5. So the cases are spiking over there, are the vaccines not doing there job then? If we are following what’s happening in the UK why would it be the right time to open here if this variant is such a big deal??? What a mess

  6. Ahh the delta variant….

    Then another new variant, and so on and so forth etc etc etc….these jackoffs ever been told you don’t pull the same gag twice?

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