Canada vows to rescue 20,000 Afghan refugees as Taliban approach Kabul 1

Canada vows to rescue 20,000 Afghan refugees as Taliban approach Kabul


Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced that Canada will help welcome over 20,000 Afghan refugees as the Taliban takes over.

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    1. @steve ofsteve
      why not open your palace and welcome all Afghanistans to live with your as you’re such a benevolent billionaire

    1. Well considering how we sacrificed soldiers to help protect them, the least we could do to our allies is offer a place to live and protection

    2. 40,000 Canadian troops served in Afghanistan. There are currently about 160 front line soldiers there. Assuming one interpreter for every 10 soldiers you arrive at approximately 4,000. Assume each has 4 family members: wife and 3 children, and you have 20,00. Though the Taliban are moving so fast it’s unlikely many of them will get to Canada. Trudeau is just pretending to do something, too little and too late.

  1. Thats a laugh.
    We can’t even get our own troops to and from without Americans or commercial private companies.

  2. wtf is there not one country on the way thats safe. Like most countrys in europe. ARE THEY WALKING .like theres lgbt afgans.

  3. At this point its very likely most won’t get out. The taliban is literally sweeping across the country more and more each day

  4. Lmao this government is Brutal we have housing crisis’s in every major city rent and housing prices have never been worse. The federal government is in shambles can’t wait for they election get rid of these clowns

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