Canada welcomed a record number of immigrants in 2022

Kevin Gallagher reports on Canada taking in a record number of immigrants in 2022, as the country races to fill widespread labour shortages.

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  1. It does not matter how many immigrants got PR in Canada. It matters more how many of them are skilled workers that can contribute to Canada’s economy.

    1. They don’t give a flyin’ fadoo about our traditions, they are only here for the money & free benefits.

    1. instead, they work at Walmart’s and harass you for your receipt even after you already paid for it all thinking you’re a thief, so rude.

  2. I love how everyone would like “SKILLED IMMIGRANTS”. Well, we actually have enough skilled Canadians. What we need is not so skilled immigrants who are willing to work hard labour jobs for minimum wage. Its not fair to wish both, skilled and willing to work for nothing. Pick one.

    1. Get a clue! They are not working for nothing & they get all kinds of allowances including major Housing allowances that poor Canadians don’t get!

  3. We don’t need new Canadians. We need to take care and employ our existing population. Someone must be getting kickbacks.

    1. @Jumbo Me I live with immigrants & in the highest immigrant area anywhere in the country & new arrivals get all kinds of benefits naturalized Canadians don’t get, ie a hefty housing allowance, and for an extended period of time. Again, you are making totally unfounded statements!

    2. @Toneok so where do they live, if rent is too expensive and housing supply is short? Nobody will work and live if conditions don’t accommodate anyone

    3. @Spicoli We have lots of places in Canada where the housing is reasonable. Not to mention Canada is a country where little space is used. We can built temp housing for new comers and in the summer build permanent housing.

    1. Oh, these are the ones they show you: it’s the migrants and “refugees” they don’t talk about… I wasn’t able to get on an airplane for two years, as almost 10million illegals poured in at the same time:

  4. This guy just copies all of Trudeaus mannerisms, anyone else notice that? I can read you like a book guy!

  5. Not like we should sort out our own issues before opening up our borders… nahhhh. That would make too much sense.
    Lets pile on the problems and get a larger voter base!!!! 🤦‍♂️

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