Canada will hand count mail-in ballots, election night results may be delayed | TREND LINE #shorts 1

Canada will hand count mail-in ballots, election night results may be delayed | TREND LINE #shorts


Nik explains why we not know who's won the election on voting day.

Want more analysis of the 2021 federal election?'s Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down the start of the election campaign in the full episode of TREND LINE.

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  1. This is based on the estimate of 5 million mail-in ballots being requested. In the last election, there were a grand total of 50,000 mail-in ballots.

    A two orders of magnitude increase in mail-in ballot requests? Colour me skeptical.

    1. Just Putin making everyone elses democracies look bad while he destroys Russia’s. That and keeping oil profitable are what his Troll Farm does, so pro-oil Right Wingers attacking election integrity are his main tools/fools in the West, all backed by Russian Trolls.

  2. Lol, you know what the outcome will be? Why bother having an election? Just let him keep the keys to the nation and he and his liberals can keep leading this nation down the road to destruction!

    1. And Conservatives will spend another 4 years crying how much they hate Trudeau. And put up Kenny or Ford to cry how much they hate him and lose again.


  3. This is why mail in ballots need to be in prior to Election Day or on Election Day so they can be counted that night… I’m not seeing why that is a hard concept to grasp… just seems like more excuses from the liberals yet again due to their falling popularity rate

  4. vote in person!!!!!! I would never ever vote by mail! mail can be lost not arrive in time and can be stolen its not a reliable or a trustworthy way to vote! VOTE IN PERSON!!!!!!!!

  5. Of course they are hand counted. ALL ballots in a Canadian federal election are counted by hand. Always have been. This is just clickbait horsepucky.

  6. All. Patriots call to action…we must volunteer to help run the election boots on the ground get involved stop the steel stop complaining and do something

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