Canada will have enough doses for everyone to get COVID-19 boosters: Tassi 1

Canada will have enough doses for everyone to get COVID-19 boosters: Tassi


Minister Filomena Tassi discusses new NACI recommendations that booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines be given to all Canadians 50+.

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    1. ‘WE do Not comply’ to any govt nonsense’ ……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. That ship has sailed, everyone cheered for the passports but I think they will regret that decision after they realize when you give power to a government they very rarely revoke said power

    3. the safest way’ is a person’s immunity’ is their best immunity’ ………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Apparently doesn’t know that it’s a common practice to give 3-4 doses of certain vaccines to children before the age of 2.

      Most parents knows about this benign, common practice.

    2. It doesn’t matter, the question was if some other vaccines also required 3 doses or more to be fully effective and the answer is yes.


  1. I love how they say immunity. I will stick with my immune system which has served me and my ancestors for a couple hundred thousand years or so. Having said that you know you might have to do a little self care to ensure it is functioning at at least 50% to ward of this particular virus.

    1. Actually if you wanted to take it from the beginning of the very early vertebrae’s…. that immune system has protected all your ancestors until they could at least reproduce for the last 540 million years… leading to you.
      That’s kind of cool when you think about that.

  2. If two doses didn’t work, the third one is probably not going to work. Who want’s my booster dose? Maybe if you take a double dose of the booster it won’t work twice as much. Better than nothing.

  3. Perfect line up timing with the Omicron variant…. Except they couldn’t actually have made this to fit that variant as it’s such a new unknown variant, but the lineups at the clinics show many folks believe otherwise. When will this insanity end…

    1. What happened to the lambia variant that they were wetting their pants about? That one just disappeared?

    2. They skipped Nu and Xi but we are on track…peak stupid has beeb reached surely…the public couldnt be any dumber than it is right now…although there always seems to be a new low..

  4. 1:55 “No one is safe until everyone is safe” is an excellent excuse to make medical decisions for everyone, because you will always be able to say that not everyone is safe

  5. maybe this minister can build more geared income housing since theres a 16 year wait list in south western ontario , rather than buying vaccines for other nations .

  6. Somehow I wasn’t worried about that. Are we really going to pretend we don’t realize what’s happening?

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