Canada ‘won’t flinch’ in supporting Ukraine after cyberattacks from pro-Russian hackers: Trudeau

PM Trudeau said that cyberattacks from pro-Russian hackers won't deter Canada from continuing it's support for Ukraine.

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    1. @Hurricane McLean I would prefer O’toole, but actively yes if there was another election then chances are he would win, sadly.

    1. I *work* in a grocery store. Not seeing much evidence of this particular corporation being “hit” at all.

    2. @MN Irwin Real talk though why is he in a grocery store? seems like a strange backdrop for a conversation about cyberwarfare?

    3. @Max Stronge I’d imagine he was doing something or other in the grocery store and the reporter asked a question unrelated to the grocery visit.

    1. Why? What has PP Pants got to offer. The attack by Russia would still have happened. Inflation would be worse under his leadership …

    2. @James Ryan it’s sad to see just how blind you are to what’s happening in our own country. Trudeau has caused so much damage since he’s been “elected” with a smile on his face while doing so. I pray for you that one day you’ll eventually wake up.

  1. So epic giving speach in grocery store and not doing anything seem all those prices ! Resign

  2. Question: When will he invest in upgraded cybersecurity infrastructure instead of wasting tax payers money for 1 day trips to the ukraine that could be done virtually???

  3. I really wish Canada would just take a passive role in this crisis. It’s *not* our war.

    We’re already stretched to the limit trying to support all the influx of Ukranian refugees with our taxes AND making ends meet with our own living expenses.

    1. We’re nowhere near even similar to close to something resembling an analogy of a metaphor akin to Canada being even sorta close to being stretched to the limit.

  4. Trudeau won’t flinch at furthering our country’s problems. Canadians have to suffer thanks to that clowns decisions.

  5. Did he ever answer the question about why are Canadian institutions susceptible? Instead of grandstanding about supporting the Ukraine, we should be worried why these institutions allow themselves to be hacked.

  6. Just do what is right, and forget about the haters.
    Its very simple. If your ideology injures or kills someone else, then it is wrong and must be fought.

  7. Does Ukraine feed Canadians with the high cost of living? if not, why are our tax dollars going there your honor? Everything going up in prices and the tax revenue collects should go back to nobody but Canadians.

    1. In Canada we spell honour with a u. You should probably figure that out if you want to critique our politics

  8. Why dont we as Canadians agree that Justin should be the Prime Minister of Ukraine, as he is so much more interested in securing their boarders then he is about securing the future of Canadians. Keep Canada’s money in Canada and lets repair our own lives iand boarders nstead of heading into a recession with him as the Captain of the Titanic!!!!

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