Canada's COVID-19 update on Sept. 16 1

Canada’s COVID-19 update on Sept. 16


Sept. 16: Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo provide an update on Canada's COVID-19 response.

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  1. If you can’t talk about the science, it’s not science. It’s ideology: “Science is never afraid of questions; only ideologies are. Furthermore, only ideologies can be followed, not science because science is a method of inquiry, and not a prescription of anything.” ~ HC Mehdi

    1. lol, yes.
      What is not science is not science.
      Even ideology can be science.
      it depends on how efficient it is, and, how factual it is.
      Science Fiction also is Ideology, and, it not science.
      It is fiction of science, and, fiction about science, however, it is also not science, just as administration of justice is not science, and as art is not science.
      Medical science is science.
      Medical art is not science.
      Medical law is not obligatorily science.

      To be worthy of science, and, to have your family to be worthy of science, you have to do more work than learning about science.

    2. If you try to steal from science, while it is already freely available to you, you not only expose your attempted theft, but you fail to steal from science, since it was available to you, and, you disregarded it as some form of liability to the party who was offering it to you.

      You might want to misrepresent this offering to you as something that was illegal, since, if other parties accused you of wrongdoing for having it, you would say others are also liable.

      Except for one thing, if those party you accuse had it scientifically, and, you didn’t, and, you tried to misrepresent it as if you did, and, attacked scientific research in police science to prove it, and, use those indictments against the science as a cover to seek to justify heinous crimes against the science, you would also actively prove yourself still, more wrong, against science.

      Also, most military weapons use science to get rid of those who attack science that way, and, no, I’m not saying it, for it is written.

    3. ​ @Jeff James Plus, science has to be limited to beliefs and limits of perception of psychotic individuals, which, if their perception was out of contact with reality, which reality cannot be science, as according their conspiracy theory, they would not, nor could not believe in facts which are science. -As crazy does, not to say dose to be administered to those crazies.

    1. 50+ papers written about this exact scenario funny how’s she’s had 0 effect in preventing this after studying it years before it happened

  2. Don’t worry folks, you’ve done everything they demanded, you’re loved ones have suffered hugely and some have died, your businesses are crippled or closed, you’ve taken their mandated vaccines and yet after all of the deadly and crippling restrictions cases are still climbing and they already have the next series of lockdowns and restrictions all planned out.

    1. And you actually believe everything they tell you??? You are the perfect obedient cirizen. Are you north korean?..honest question

    2. @Pe Vo Not true. The vaxxed can get and spread this disease as well… Also there’s evidence that they’re creating the variants faster.

    3. It’s all definitely planned, but not by this bunch, these are mere puppets. The ones who really pull the strings behind these dark agendas live in the shadows, you won’t see them on TV.

  3. I literally only click on these to see the ratio. The day I see zero likes is when I know the prophecy has been fulfilled.

  4. What has happened to the seasonal flu numbers??? Funny we’ve done this and we’ve done that and we’re still in a pandemic mode. When does the super flu end humanity?

    1. During the 2020-2021 flu season, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reported just 79 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza. The previous year, PHAC reported over 54,000 influenza cases.

      The dramatic drop in flu cases was largely due to the strong public-health restrictions to combat COVID-19 that were also effective at stopping other respiratory viruses, experts say.

  5. Every single last member of the government should be forced to undergo a public trial to answer for their failures and crimes, before being promptly jailed.

    1. They all should be. There was an article here in my province talking about the hundreds of death threats bonnie henry has earned. I mean received

    2. @mark2073  I’ll see if i can find it. It was a year ago or around then and for some odd reason, stuff just disappears into the ether these days but if i get a chance later i will try and find it.

  6. Yesterday I was stuck in a doctor’s office and this was on the TV. With the sound on. I had to listen to her drone on and repeat herself over and over. I was ready to jump out a window.

    1. @Pe Vo that would be the government implanting satanist into churches to do the devils work so everyone would blame Jesus. Wake up.

    1. He does not seem credible to me. There is no test for the so called delta variant and no place on the entire planet earth has isolate the virus supposedly causing COVID19.

    2. @Micah Aalders And you must be an Infectious Expert
      Who the hell knows what all the variants are and how they will spread?If there really are some!!!

    3. @betty litchfield FWIW – There actually have been several reports from doctors, virologists etc, saying what Micah stated.

    4. @George Stem I get that but they are also making claims that it is more severe I have heard it said many times with no actual reference to any study

    1. Better yet, report on the harm caused to young males, as if inflammation of the heart is not worth mentioning. How dangerous it is to vaccinate youth.

    1. @Cole Feel the same way….it blows my mind driving down the road and seeing Liberal signs up….I just really don’t get how they don’t have one logical bone in their bodies

    2. His estimated net worth in 2016: 1.5 million
      His estimated net worth in 2021: 12 million

      He got what he wanted. And as usual, all the illegal activities conducted will be swept under the rug.

  7. if the whole covid outbreak was an anime, she would have been revealed as the twist villian whos been helping the bad guy the whole time by now

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